Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wet n Wild Waterproof and Teal Liquid Liners

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The Mega Liner in Teal is 3 dollars, and H2O Proof in Black is 4 dollars. Cheap prices don't you think? But how do they look?

The black isn't a completely pure black, but I don't think anyone will take much notice. It does dry matte, and you *may* have to go over it again to get it as pigmented as you'd like.  The teal is marvelous, it's bright, pigmented, and has shimmer that makes your eyes POP.

This is after wiping at it for about ten seconds with makeup remover. The teal stains, and the H2O proof doesn't budge, you really have to work at it to get it off.

REVIEW: H2O Proof Liquid Liner in Black

  • Is decently waterproof. It holds up against rain and lake water (unless I rub at it!)
  • Cheap! It's only 4 dollars!
  • Easy to get a hold of
  • Application can be a little light, I like to put another coat on JIC
  • Sometimes if I would be swimming in the lake, it MIGHT dissolve around the edges if you rub at it (see below picture)
  • If you rub at it enough, bits will start coming off
Overall: 3/5

I like how easy it is to apply since it has a felt tip, but I also think the felt tip is sort of a curse, since it lifts some of the newly applied product away. It does work a decent amount, though I'm sure there's others out there that will work better.

REVIEW: Mega Liner in Teal

  • Cheap, only 3 dollars
  • MEGA pigmented. I wore it with my lash-line coated in black and mascara and it worked wonders. 
  • It stains. If you wipe it off, it's stained green a bit which isn't the most ideal thing ever.
Overall: 4/5
Even with it staining, I still like it. It has a brush tip, so it might be a little hard to control, but once you master it, the payoff is great.

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