Monday, June 4, 2012

Phi Theta Kappa Conference *pic heavy*

Hello again readers~

For my chapter in Phi Theta Kappa, I was honored with an invitation to go to the conference in Northern Illinois. I took the opportunity and it was a great time! I was there from Friday, till Sunday night~ A weekend, but I was so tired by time I got home! It was short, but so many things happened!

So we drove up there, and it took about 6 hours (we stopped and got  Subway on the way there plus another pit stop), and got to the hotel.We had a total of four rooms, three doubles, and two kings. The advisers got the king rooms, and Alex (the only guy in our group), got one of the doubles, the four girls shared one, and I got the last one. I had a whole room to myself! It never has happened before...

 And it was NICE too! :O I also enjoyed that there was high-speed internet, because I was able to check Facebook, and my blogs and general things that I do anyway.


I dressed like this on Friday. The PTK T-Shirt, plaid button down (Rue 21), boot cut jeans (Aeropostale), and Shoes (Zoo York).

Saturday I wore a similar outfit, except I wore the PTK Conference Shirt (bright green), with my blue button-down shirt (Rue 21), and similar jeans with the same shoes.

Friday we just had dinner and opening ceremony, plus trivia (we didn't feel very smart because the questions were very challenging!).

On Saturday, we had a lot of meetings and speeches in the morning to attend. It was so many different things and so much information packed into a short time! 

This is a bit of news, but I REALLY like rocks. Geology is amazing and rocks are just so great and pretty (even the basic gravel!). I saw this HUGE amethyst in the display at the college there, and I had to get a photo of it. It's bigger than my dog! It's probably the size of my Squirtle pillow! 

After the meetings, we had two hours to get ready for the awards Banquet and the dance. We were instructed to dress nice, so I just wore what I wore for Christmas.

 The ceremony was okay, and the food was... edible. I suppose, I really didn't like it at all (but I am picky so my opinion is strained).

 I did really enjoy these little cake... things. It was like a vanilla cake with hard icing on top. It tasted like a doughnut!

The dance was sort of a flop. There was karaoke, and music, but all the lights were on so it would have been embarrassing to dance! Everyone in our group went to the movies, except me. I went back to the hotel to spend time with my friend Andy, who I haven't seen in over a year!

It was really great to see him, and we got to laugh and talk and we had McDolands and it was great! :D He didn't stay too long since he lived 45 minutes away, but it was still so refreshing~

Sunday morning, we woke up for the closing ceremony and breakfast. The ceremony took a long time, and afterwards we went to get pizza!

I thought for sure I'd hate it, because sauce on TOP of the pizza seemed like a really silly thing, and there was SO MUCH CHEESE. The sauce was great, the cheese wasn't rubbery at all, and the crust was flaky and delicious. I ate two slices and the pizza was almost an inch thick! It was so good!!

After that, we took the six hour drive back to school. I was sharing the back seat with one of the other girls, but she seat-hopped to the middle seat about halfway through the trip, so I just lounged in the backseat myself.

Got back to school, I went with my advisor back to my campus, and then I drove the rest of the way home~ So much adventure! I  was so tired too... but good things greeted me when I returned:

 My room has been painted!! It used to be that dark blue color, and as much as I like blue, having it so dark was kind of depressing. So I picked a mint blue/green color. It really makes my furniture stand out and it's so bright! It's such a shocking change for me! :D

Thanks for reading~


  1. OK, that room looks amazing, I love the huge bathroom mirror.

    1. It was a huge mirror, unfortunately the lighting was bad, so it was hard to apply makeup in the morning. :(