Friday, January 4, 2013

December's Top 5

Hello again readers~

December's Top 5

  1. Clean & Clear: Advantage -  I have to keep my face moisturized in the winter (especially since I get dry flaky skin if I don't!), and this year I have been breaking out because of stress... So I picked up this. It helps with acne, and keeps my face moisturized and soft. I put it on at least 2 a day.
  2. Bath and Body Works HandiBac Anti Bacterial Lotion (Fresh Market Apple) - A antibacterial product, that gets rid of bacteria AND moisturizes since it's a lotion. It's a fantastic product, and works very well.
  3. Bio Straight and Sleek - A smoothing lotion to help with my frizz in the winter. Has a citrus scent and keeps hair looking smooth and silky. Bought from Bath and Body works years ago.
  4. Hello Kitty Lip Balm (Strawberry) - Got a pack of these from Ani, and I reach for them a lot since I bite my  lips often. It's a little goopy and feels like Vaseline, but they smell good, taste good, and really hydrate my lips. She got them from Target.
  5. DG Body Revive Eye Serum - I got this from a classmate, and WOW. Why haven't I tried eye creams before? It says serum, but it's a creamy texture, and moisturizes around my eyes. It doesn't hurt like when I accidentally get my Clean & Clear moisturizers in my eyes. I'll have to look around for another one.
Keep hydrated and moisturized!

Thanks for reading!

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