Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time With Sarah

Hello again readers~

Yesterday I was able to go out with my sister for some no-school shopping. It was nice, we went to the mall, then to Steak n Shake, and then went to a few other places. We weren't at each others throats, and we got along well. It was very pleasant. :)

I snagged this jumper for 6 dollars at Rue 21. It's warm, it's baggy, and it covers up my hands to keep me warmer. It's also so so soft. (True colour in the bottom photo.)

I did however spoil myself... a lot. I got a few movies and CD's (V-Stock and Slackers) Including House of Wax, Cry_Wolf, The Heathers, Mindless Self Indulgence: On It, and a few obscure CD's from the 50 cent bin. And...:

I went to Sephora! I go, but almost never buy since I'm content with drugstore brands... but I couldn't pass this up:

Crystal nail file! I was going to keep using the regular ones I get from the Dollar Store...but I use them once and have to throw them away. I used it once yesterday, and it still looks like I haven't even touched it. I'm glad it comes with a little case to store it in, because if it falls, it will break.

I also got this earring cuff from The Icing. I'm not wild about the pink chain, but I like how it sits on my ear and how it looks.


Went more natural. Just foundation, coloured in my eyebrows, mascara, and a small amount of eyeliner.


Top: MCR T-Shirt
Pants: Gift from Ani
Shoes: Payless

I looked great, but dressed like a bum. 

Thanks for reading~


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    1. I do too. The only issue, is at the bottom, it doesn't stretch, so it's hard to pull over my bum.