Thursday, June 19, 2014

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation - Classic Ivory

Hello again readers!

It's summer, which means heat, sweat, and unattractive breakouts. Oh dear, right? Well, I went around and picked up an old favourite (and I mean /old/ favourite, from when I was in High School and was tan(ish)...)

I bought a bottle of Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation in Classic Ivory a while ago, actually, at Ulta when it was on sale for 7 dollars. Not bad, and it was the lightest that they offered, double awesome!

What this foundation is great for, is that while you wear it it's helping your skin! It helps combat acne, and skin problems, and after prolonged wear you should see your skin looking better and better. Should, of course, it's different for everyone, and even while wearing it I still get breakouts. I never really got too many, even during the worst years, so my experience with this could be significantly different than someone else's experience.

The formula of the foundation is a little runny, which is good since it absorbs into the skin faster. It dries to a satin finish, not quite matte, but not overly shiny either, and it's sheer. Like really sheer coverage that can be built up to a more comfortable coverage.

 It's great for if you're dry skinned, or oily skin, as a setting powder will make this product last longer, but it's not a drying product at all. Of course, being oil-free, doesn't mean that this won't let oil /through/, so if you have oily skin like I do, don't skip powder!

Though, even being the lightest foundation they offer, it's still too dark for me... and it oxidizes darker. :S Luckily, for this reason, I picked up a white foundation in Ireland, and mixed together it's much more suitable, and matches my skin so much better! 

Thanks for reading!

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