Sunday, June 15, 2014

Physicians Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer - Light

Hello again readers!

Have I mentioned I love Big Lots yet? Because I do. You can find a lot of discontinued products, or clearance products, that you might even find hidden gems. I found an entire stash of Physician Formula bronzers, and at four dollars, I swiped one up to try.

The packaging for the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear, was never my favourite. The bright orange and pink scream summer, but the plastic packaging is just not cutting it. The packaging isn't that well constructed, and the clasp doesn't fully close anymore, making this impossible to just throw in my bag.

The powder comes with a brush, and I really wish it didn't. The bristles are scratchy, and they aren't ideal for applying bronzer. My original plan was to use the brush to apply it in a sort of line motion, and then blend it out, but the bristles don't blend the bronzer out properly, so I'm just left with a muddy mess. I just pitched the brush, and went with my other bronzer brushes instead.

As for the colour, it's not the worst... but it's also not the best. It leans orange, which especially on me, isn't the best look ever. I can use it, but it's just not ideal. I might not even finish it...

This bronzer was a flop for me, and I kind of wish I grabbed a darker colour instead. Silly me thinking that a light bronzer would work on my light skin, apparently. 

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