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Colourpop Créme Gel Color, and Liner

Hello again readers!

I'm ready for this next installment of ColourPop items from my collection. I started with my least favorite, and I'm working my way to my favorite (can you guess what line is my favorite?).

Créme Gel Color

These are branded as Créme Gel Color, but in reality they're gel liners in a more traditional pot. The packaging is really fantastic, as each of the pots is made of clear glass, and the lids are like a tin with the holographic ColourPop logo branded on top. Each of the products has the name listed on the sticker on the bottom, because it's easy to get them confused (especially with the darker colors in lighting conditions that aren't that great).

Best O: Deep burgundy.
Fast Lane: Deep teal.
Workout: Blackened forest green.

The products that I bought were all matte liners. With the Créme Color range, they are mainly mattes, some metallic shades, and when they have limited edition releases; glitter. Mattes are ones that I know I would reach for most often.

Each of the products feels creamy, and intense, but when it came to application they each needed two coats for full opacity. Best O and Workout were my personal favorites, while I don't mind Fast Lane it's just not a liner that I ever find myself reaching for often. Fast Lane is also the liner that needs the most TLC to really shine, as I found myself sometimes going for three coats!

They also have an issue, where with the more coats you use, the more texture you get for your liner. They can become hard, clumpy, even crumbly. I have had a few occasions where there would be too much product and it would crumble up in places. The downside is often I found myself needing those layers for perfect application. 

With the crumbling issue aside, these liners were incredible. Once they set, they were smudge-proof, waterproof, and even on my oily lids I noticed that they lasted all day with minimal fading. I was really impressed with the lasting power! Even for the swatches, they set, and I had to take an oil-based remover to remove the swatches from my arm so nothing would be left behind - a makeup wipe wasn't cutting it!

Make sure to keep them closed tightly at all times when not in use. I've heard and seen photos and disclaimers from other customers that their liners have dried out. Mine have been going strong since I got them in October, and I haven't had any issues. The only one that I'm worried about is Best O, because that is the liner that I use the most often and I can see that one drying out first. It hasn't happened yet.

Each of these liners has .11 oz, and retails for $6. I definitely recommend these.


Créme Gel Liner

This was the product that I was most excited about trying from the Créme Gel line. It's an eyeliner pencil that's more up my alley, as I use them for everything for smudging on my lash line to lining my eyes for dramatic looks. The packaging is similar to the Lippie Sticks packaging, but the difference is that the tip where the product is is color coded. So, even if you manage to ignore the colored bottom, you'll notice right away if you grabbed the wrong shade once the lid is off.

The product comes pre-sharpened, but the packaging doesn't include a sharpener. I haven't noticed any issues with the product not being incredibly sharp, so I don't mind it, but I do know that it bothers others.

The best part of the packaging, is that it's twistable! I don't have to sharpen the entire pencil (just the tip, if I so wish). It's such a wonderful feeling because I rarely (if ever) pack a sharpener when I travel.

I chose Best O, which, like the Gel Color pots, is a deep burgundy matte. This liner performed better than the Créme Color pots. It was smooth, pigmented, and I got the color payoff I wanted almost immediately. I rarely have to go over the liner I applied a second time, and when I do it's because I didn't put enough down the first time. 

These liners come in two finishes as of now: matte and metallic.

Though pigmented, this product was a lot drier than I was expecting. I was expecting a formula like the Rimmel London, Jordana, or Milani gel liners, but this formula had to be drier in order to twist the product. If you have too much product dispensed, it will break off, of that I can assure you. It will break off, and you will mourn the loss of a few application of your liner.

These don't have the same staying power, minus the smudge-proof qualities. On my oily eyes (especially since I usually wear this on my waterline and tight-line where it's extra moist from being next to my eyeball) they don't last as long as the Créme Gel Colors. Not to say that they don't last long, because by the end of a long day there's still color there, it's just not as intense as when I first applied it.

Each of these liners has .01 for $5. I really suggest this product especially if you're interested in trying some out-of-the-box colors!


Best O was the "best" choice to try out in both formulas, because it's the color that I reach for the most often. It's such a wearable color that's a little out of the box, and makes the blue in my eyes pop! I really enjoy both formulas in this shade, and it makes me eager to try other shades from the collection.

I have yet to try a metallic finish, so I'm looking forward to add one to my collection to see how it's different than the mattes (besides for the obvious difference in finishes!).

Thanks for reading!

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