Monday, May 9, 2016

Maybelline Color Tattoos - Creamy Beige, and Dramatic Black

Hello again readers!

These aren't new, by any means, but they're recent additions to my collection. I went out and started adding to my Maybelline Color Tattoo collection once again (remember when I was really obsessed with this killer fomula and went crazy trying to buy all the shades? Ah...) and I stopped myself at buying just the two... even though there's two other shades that I want to add to my collection too.

Creamy Beige: A nice neutral brown with slight glitter.

I bought this shade to use as an all-over-the-lid shade, as well as a base for certain looks. I was a little shocked to find sparse glitter, but I was happy with how pigmented and creamy the formula is (no big shocker). This is like how I often find the color tattoos to be, and I was pleased to have added it to my collection.

Dramatic Black: Matte black.

I bought this because someone on YouTube mentioned they love it as an eyeliner. I was excited to try it, because they tend to last so long on my eyes... but this one was a disappointment. It wasn't as pigmented as Color Tattoos tend to be, as it was patchy and took a few coats to build up the true black opacity. The wear time was... tragic, there's really no other word for it. I don't know if it's the formula for this particular shadow, but it smeared, and didn't last on me at all. It faded and by the end of the day looked patchy... what a shame, I wanted another black "liner" to be added to my recommendation list, and this just fell short.

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