Saturday, March 3, 2012

Swatches for Sinful Colors and Spoiled

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While cleaning my room, I managed to find two polishes that I forgot to swatch, and while out yesterday, I picked up four new nail polishes from CVS! So today I finally got around to swatching them for you. The swatches are at the very end of the post.

Sinful Colors - Cinderella

I kept seeing this polish popping up around the internet, and went around and picked one up for me. The polish is a pale light blue, with pink shimmer that is just absolutely fantastic. It is runny, and sheer so in order to get the color you need to build up with about 3 or 4 coats, but the payoff is wonderful.

And I tried to swatch it on my fingers since it looks different then on the wheel, but I just wasn't able to capture the real beauty of it. For really amazing swatches of not only this, but of other nail colors, go HERE. The PolishAholic is just AMAZING for finding swatches of amazing shades, and she updates fairly regularly.

Sinful Colors - Neptune

It is one of the newer shades, and I picked it up because it was a color I didn't have and the shimmer is just beautiful. It's a dusty blue with green and gold shimmer that just looks amazing, and really quite unique as well.

Spoiled by Wet n Wild

When I would go to CVS I would see them setting up the new display of 'Spoiled' polishes, and they were so similar to Sinful Colors except more readily available (I wouldn't have to go a half hour to visit Target!). While there browsing, I picked up four colors that really caught my eye, and I was shocked at how well they applied. Even more shocked, that they were made by Wet n Wild as well!

(Right to Left: The Parking Meteor Expired, Black Mamba, Pick Your Poison, and Shuffle the Deck)

The Parking Meteor Expired: This was my favorite pick out of the four. It looks absolutely FANTASTIC on. It's a dark navy blue/black base, with blue and green micro shimmer that picks up light very well. It is a little thick, but it applied evenly in just one coat!

Black Mamba: It's a gunmetal black/grey polish with gold and silver shimmer. It's also thick, but applied in one coat.

Pick Your Poison: A dark red shimmer polish. The formula was great, and needed just 2 coats for an even application.

Shuffle the Deck: A clear base polish with large silver and red hexigonal glitter, and a smaller silver/grey hex glitter that appears black. It really suits it's name, and though you can spend hours layering it for full application, it's designed to layer over another polish.


Cinderella, Neptune, Shuffle the Deck, Pick Your Poison, Black Mamba, and The Parking Meteor Expired.

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