Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner - Indigo Blue Swatches

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The other day I saw this sitting on the shelves at the drug store, and picked it up fast. I absolutely love the Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Teal, and was wondering how the color was for this.

Wet n Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Indigo Blue. The packaging is no different than the other liquid liners, it just has the 'new shade' sticker placed on it. It's fairly cheap at 2.99 USD and easily accessible. The applicator itself is a brush tip, so it may be a bit hard to control if you're not used to it.

The bottle itself, looks like it would be a very vibrant and pigmented blue.

It's actually a dusty metallic blue color, instead. It holds up well against makeup remover too, and stays in place all day.

I compared it with NYX Studio Liquid Eyeliner in Electric Blue just to see how it would match up.

NYX on left, Wet n Wild on right. As you can see, the NYX is more pigmented and brighter, while the Wet n Wild is more muted. If you want a nice POP of blue, without being too over the top, go with Wet n Wild.

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