Monday, March 26, 2012

Mindless Self Indulgence Concert

Hello again readers~

I went to the Mindless Self Indulgence concert with Amanda and Zelda last Tuesday. It was so epic! Before the concert, Zelda and Amanda came to chill at my house a little bit so we could get everything prepared and everything in order as well.

My outfit for the concert~

Amanda holding my shirt up like a little apron!

Amanda was posed like this, because my sister was asking her a questions. It was hilarious.

We waited in line, got checked, and Amanda and I went to give our ID’s so we can get our tickets wince we were on the guest list, and we ended up getting 4, so we had two extra, and gave them away to a couple of people in exchange for them doing a little dance move.

We bought our merch right away, and I bought the tour t-shirt. Ventana opened up, and they were AWESOME. The lead singer crowd surfed, and Amanda got a hand full of his crotch, and I was able to help because I wasn’t htat short! Moshed a little bit, and Amanda bee-lined for the front, then pulled me through about 8 rows of people to stand by her, and we were there for Hydro Hero, which was really good too.
Then they announced MSI, and everyone rushed the stage, and I managed to get to second row, and I was squished like no other, then was shoved into the first row right on the barrier (which in my opinion, was the best place to be since I was the most comfortable there). Had some chick grinding on my ass the whole time with her arms on either side of my head, got moved into the second row again after Lyn-z crowd surfed, and got chummy with the girl who stood in front of me. She had my arms on either side of her, so I was able to push back against the wave of people, hold on to my spot, and keep her from being squished as well.
I was covered in sweat that wasn’t even mine, my hair was ruined, and I looked HIDEOUS, but it was SO MUCH FUN. They played:
They even played I'm on Crack and the Team Rocket motto!!

You can see me in the front row!

And the pink sign he eats? Amanda made it!!
Afterwards, we met Lyn-Z, and Steve, and Kitty, but not Jimmy since some douche bags got in a fight and one hit Jimmy, so he got mad and stormed off. :( I’m in so much fucking pain, and I feel like I got hit by a bus, but it was SO WORTH IT.

The only photo of Jimmy we got

Random tid-bits of awesome:
  • My hair was matted in one place because Jimmy blew snot rockets and the bulk of it landed in my hair.
  • I got to hold Lyn-Z’s hand when she was getting up to stand above the crowd.
  • I got to touch her amazing boots too when she was crowd surfing and she dropped down a bit. Helped her get back over the barricade.
It was so amazing~

Thanks for reading!

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