Tuesday, March 10, 2015

L.A.Girl Glazed Lip Paint

Hello again readers!

I bought the original 6 L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints when they launched, and I loved them. Since then, not only have I found better ways to wear them, but I also learned how to mix certain ones together to get what I want out of them.

The second launch, gave us 12 new colors! A total of 18! It may not seem like a lot, but they have a decent range of colors; nudes, pinks, violets, reds, and oranges. There's even a gold, but I didn't get that one. Out of the 12 new ones, I didn't get three; Feisty, Gleam, and Tease.

The pigmentation like the original 6, is fantastic. It doesn't require much product at all to look good (except Tempt, which needs care to look its best) and they continue to impress/please me with how pigmented they are.

Ebay actually has some really great deals, where you can get 6 of them for 14 dollars, free shipping. It's great, because each of these retails for about 4 dollars individually (unless you buy them at Five Below like I did for the others, which is still a good deal if you get it on ebay). I'm really hesitant about neutrals and pinks, so that's how I got these six:

I should mention, for the lighter colors, when they start to dry, you will notice them settling into the lines of the lips. I don't mind it, and it just gives me a heads up to wipe off what's left, and reapply the product. 

Nude. This is what I like to call the 'concealer nude' or the 'corpse lip'. If I wear this, I look rather dead, but it's my go-to lip for masculine days.

My favorite kind of pink nude. Effortless,and looks great with everything.

A light, lavender pink. 

A bright warm peachy pink. The color doesn't suit me well at all, so I passed it on.

A very warm pink. It pulls very orange on my skin, and wasn't flattering. I passed it on.

Red-Orange. Another one that just didn't look that good on me, so I passed this on.

Since I have a special place in my heart for violet lip colors, I had to pick up the three that I really wanted from the collection from 5 Below:

A bright, warm, Barney Violet. Similar to other violets that I own, but I couldn't resist adding one more.


This one was the trickiest out of all of them. It's a dark, blackberry shade, that looks fantastic, but it's streaky. It needs some TLC and careful application to look opaque and precise. This is a color that would benefit from a lip liner.

I used to apply these like a rather thick gloss: Just gloop it all over my lips. It looked terrible on some days, and it got all over the place. The worst part? If you put too much on your lips at once, it will slip between your lips and get in your mouth. Having a large glob of gloss getting in your teeth and coating your tongue isn't fun. It's a hazard of beauty I discovered.

To get a look that I enjoy with minimal effort, I apply little drops all over my lips, and then blend it in with my finger. I bet better coverage, and I don't go overboard that way. Of course, for darker colors, there will be layers involved, like most other dark lip products.

Another great thing about these, is that they open up so many possibilities. Think like OCC lip tars, where you can add different ones together to make new lip colors. I do the same, just put different dots on my lips to make more flattering creations, or some that are just not appropriate for every day wear. It really depends on my mood.

They don't last all day, but they do last quite a while. If I'm not touching things with my lips, I can get a good few hours of wear while wearing these, though I do have to reapply them if I'm out for long periods of time.

The biggest issue I have with these, is the mint oil inside them. The smell doesn't go away, it lingers. Furthermore, if I lick my lips, or any of the product gets in my mouth, it irritates my throat. It's bearable, but not always pleasant. I can tolerate it, but I wish they had a cake flavor, because the mint just puts me off entirely and makes me not want to reach for them as often as I would if they had a different flavor additive. It grosses me out to be honest with you.

These are great products, with a great price, and a great payoff. Even if you just pick up one or two, it's a great deal, and they're cheap enough that you wouldn't feel too bad picking up a lot.

Remember, if you're not a fan of mint in your lip products, you will not like these. They have a mint scent/taste to them that can be overwhelming to certain people.

Thanks for reading!

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