Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shiro Cosmetics Haul

Hello again readers!

           I feel good to finally be able to try out some Shiro cosmetics. I've heard really amazing things, and I have been lusting after them with stars in my eyes. Both because of the colors they offer, and because of the fandom-themed collections. I'm weak for that sort of thing.

I was nervous, because there wasn't a waiting time, and I never got a shipping confirmation or anything; which I found out through Caitlin can happen if you have a hotmail email. So don't worry too much, and if you are concerned she replies quickly to emails.

It turned out that my package got stuck for a week, and she offered to re-send a package, or refund me. I asked if she could re-send the package, because I did want to try these products to show you guys, and she sent it out really fast to make up for the lost time.

I got the package, and I was already in love with quite a few of the products inside. Two days later, the first package arrived. I was surprised, because we thought it'd have been lost in the post office, but it was just delayed... I asked her if she'd like me to send it back, and she said to keep it.

This portion here, is to the excellent service that Shiro offers. Not because I ended up getting two packages in the end (though I'm not going to lie, was pretty sweet), but because she handled customer concerns very well, and was very professional and treated me kindly. Customer Service is phenomenal, and I find the products to be up to par with how well the service is, making this company a worthy company to buy from.

It gets sent in a protective bubble-mailer, and inside is a paper bag sealed with the Shiro logo to keep all the products from moving too much during transit. Especially great if you buy any full-size, as it keeps the plastic from hitting into each other. Not flashy, but efficient. 

Inside were the products that I ordered, as well as a small plastic bag; included is the Shiro business card, and two samples. I like how this is handled, because not only is there a business card to have on file, or to hand out to friends/family  to spread the word, but the free samples are separated from your order. Especially good if you ordered a LOT of things, and it's hard to remember what you bought, and what you didn't.

Lingered in Twilight*:
Deep teal with metallic shimmer. I love this one so much, I am kicking myself for NOT buying the full size. I am so in love with this, that I don't want to use it too much in case I run out... a silly fear to be honest.

 Day of Reckoning: 
A deep, darkened red-violet with shimmer. 

Burdened with Glorious Purpose*: 
A blackened olive-green with green and gold shimmer. Gorgeous, and definitely a Loki shade. I didn't think I would like it, because I don't like green very much, but I love this one a lot. It makes my eyes pop a little too.

Glowstick of Destiny*:
A pale blue with a gold shimmer. I can't believe how flattering this shadow was. I love it so much!

I Understood That Reference*:
Definitely a shadow fit for Steve. It's like, if a cobalt blue pigment had a baby with the Fyrinnae Mephisto pigment. Stunning! 

Lavender with a heavy blue shift. This is a shade that would need a good, sticky base to look its best. Without, it sort of lacks impact.

A deep navy blue with gold shimmer. Just looking at this reminds me of Mustang, so it hit the nail on the head. In a way, I love it because of the gold glitter, and I hate it because of it too. It's not something I can get away with everyday.

Majora's Mask:
It says blurple on the site, but it is really a blue with a hint of violet in it. It has some nice shimmer. Another shade that definitely needs a good adhesive, and not able to get away with it for every day wear.

The next two aren't Shiro, they're Detrivore, but Shiro sells them on their site. 

I fell in love with this on the site, and on the swatch, and on my eyes... It's just the kind of shadow that's unique and quickly stole my heart. It's a deep brownish/blackened red with violet shimmer, and it looks... well, like a bruise. Applying it with an adhesive and then blending it out, looks rather bruise-like (see how the cener of the swatch (dry) it looks almost red, but the outsides look deep and angry? Yeah. Bruise-like). I love it!

A taupe with an iridescent shimmer. I really love this product, but I know I wouldn't need a bigger-size because I have iridescent shadows to layer over my Tough as Taupe Maybelline Color Tattoo. A really beautiful shade if you don't want to do the work.

Thanks for reading!

*All products marked with an asterisk are products I plan to purchase full sizes of in the future.

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