Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Hard Candy Products: Glamoflauge Foundation and Fierce Effects Daring Lip Gloss

Hello again readers!

Brands everywhere have been putting out new products, and it's a little overwhelming just to keep up with it all! New collections, and new additions to permanent lines, it's really exciting!

Today I have a couple of new products introduced by Hard Candy to their permanent lines; The Glamoflauge Foundation, and the Fierce Effects Daring Lip Gloss!

The Glamoflauge Foundation comes in a clear plastic tube with a metallic plastic cap. The only design features is the black detailing on the cap, and the Glamoflauge logo is the same as on their concealer. 

It comes with a pump! I was really excited to see this, because it's such a shame when a product doesn't come with one. Think of all the wasted product! The pump for this gives off a little too much product, so sometimes a half pump is just as good, and you don't use too much. A little bit of this product goes a long way.

The texture for this foundation was surprising to me. I was expecting something really thick, but his foundation is more of a liquid texture, and it's incredibly easy to blend into the skin. It's not a full coverage foundation, I'd say more of a medium coverage, which is great. It layers extremely well, and for some, you won't need a concealer with this product.

It has an odd scent, I don't know what to call it, just... 'foundation'. It doesn't stick around long, but it's noticeable at first.

I bought Porcelain, which is the lightest shade, and the color to me is a pretty dang good match. It's more yellow than a lot of pale foundations that I've tried, and that's a great thing for me since I prefer yellow foundations over pink.

The wear time is fantastic, and I got about 10 hours before I really took the time to look for flaws. It came off my nose a little bit (because I was blowing my nose so often, so it isn't rub-resistant!), in certain areas it clung to a dry patch or two, and since I have really oily skin, it started to look like it needed a powder. 

For such a long wearing foundation, I was impressed. If I used a better setting powder I could see this working even better.

Edit: I found that if I wear it and touch my face (I know that it's a sort of no-no, but during boring classes, I rest my head on my hands often) excessively it will rub off. I only really noticed it because I had areas on my cheeks where my foundation was strangely gone, compared to the areas around it and it took me a few moments to connect the dots on that one.

This foundation retails for $7 and you get 1.1 oz of product!

I was really eager to try this, because I was hoping that this would be more of a liquid lip color than just a simple gloss. The packaging is a clear plastic with silver metallic detailing on the tube, with a plastic silver metallic cap. This is one of the 'intense' (one of eight) of the glosses, while the other 4 are sheer.

The applicator is a lip brush instead of a doe-foot applicator. For this product, I feel this works out for the best, because it packs on a good amount of product, without too much effort. The only issue I have with the applicator, is I can't press down too hard or it will fan out the bristles and get the gloss in places I don't want it to be.

Adrenaline is absolutely breathtaking. It's a deep navy with violet and blue shimmer in the product. It looks fantastic on the lips, and it's really a stunning product. It lasts for a while, about two or three hours, and it needs to be reapplied fairly often. It's a lipgloss, so I was impressed with the wear time, and wasn't expecting too much out of it.

The biggest issue I have with this, is that it has a mint scent/flavor to it. It's sweet too, with what I'm not sure, but it's a heavy mint scent. The first time I applied it, I got a little in my mouth, and ended up having a coughing fit for about a minute. Mint oils and I just don't get along because it just ends up irritating my throat (even though I'm not alergic!). Be warned that if you're sensitive to mint, or you don't like mint oils in your products, steer clear.

It's easy enough to get this product to look opaque, but if you don't want to mess with it, it layers well over lip liners too. I used it over Y2K by NYX, and it paired with it well!

I love this gloss, but I hate the mint oil in it. I'm keeping hold of this treasure, but I know I will probably only buy one other, and leave the rest.

The Fierce Effect Daring Lip Glosses retail for $5 and you get .17 oz of product!

With how much I was impressed with these, I see myself going and trying some of their new products, and also investing in some of their older gems that I never picked up.

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Great review! Can you tell me what your skin tone is and the shade of the foundation you have so I can have a better idea which shade to get? I'm usually a light medium skin tone and I prefer yellow undertones in my foundation as well. Thanks!

    1. Oh dear, I didn't even notice I forgot to add that information, I'll have to go fix it! I have a fair complexion, and the bottle I bought is Porcelain, which is the lightest they offer. I'm really pleased that it doesn't have sallow tones, but it's not pink either. I hope you find your match!