Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fyrinnae Haul

Hello again readers!

I couldn't resist, and ordered from Fyrinnae again! I really love their quick service, and the quality of their products.

The products came wrapped inside this gorgeous gold holo paper. They really have flashy presentation, once you remove the cardboard holding it altogether.

This time around, I ordered samples of: a setting powder, a blusher, three lip lustres, and pixie epoxy. There was also a free sample of an eyeshadow, which I was really giddy about because it's a shade I know I'll enjoy.

Asterisks depict products I'll be buying the full size of.

Before jumping in, I wanted to point out the size of the samples of the lip lustres and the pixie epoxy. I wasn't really aware of how small the samples of these would be, until I got them. For comparison between the samples, and the full size, visit Maliberry Makeup to see. 

I'm a little sad, but what can you do. They're the perfect sizes for sampling the products, and that's the point of them. It's definitely a better value to invest in the full-size, but with these smaller sizes, it's easier to use up a product that you won't be too fond of.

Hollywood Sorcery is one of their finishing powders. It's supposed to give a soft glow to the face. Think of it like a beauty powder. I wasn't sure how I'd like it, because it's a little dark, and definitely not translucent. I was really impressed. It gives the skin a very healthy look, and doesn't put too much of a tint to the skin.

Nordic Angel* is a peachy-pink blusher with gold sparkle. The sparkle in the product isn't too prominent, and blending it out, they become very subtle unless you're looking for it. The first time I use it, I was surprised on how well it suited my face, for being so warm, and even more surprised with how healthy it made my cheeks look. I really fell in love with it, and it blends in (with a brush, not so much my fingers) really well for a healthy glow.

Sacred is a metallic taupe. I'm a sucker for taupe shadows, and I knew the moment I laid my eyes on this shade that I would love it. It's very beautiful, whether I diffuse it or really pack it on, and it's a shade that I am so happy to have gotten a sample of.

I've been looking forward to trying this product, and last time I talked myself out of it. This time, there was nothing to stop me, so I invested.

The Pixie Epoxy (as well as the lip lustres) come in a little tube, with a silver cap and a doe-foot applicator. I am fond of this sort of applicator, because it's incredibly easy to get product exactly where you want it.

For swatches, it's pronominal. It takes hold of pigments, and makes them look really intense! I was really impressed. It's really made more for packing on pigment, not so much for blending out shadows.

I like to put an eyeshadow primer on the lid, add in my crease/blending shade, and THEN use this product on the lid and pack on a lot of pigment. It really makes pigments look amazing. 

I bought three Lip Lustre samples. I have a long list of Lip Lustres that I want to add to my collection, so I couldn't resist trying these three.

I was REALLY impressed with these. The pigmentation is great, the scent isn't overwhelming by any means, almost sweet, and they apply beautifully. If you get these during the winter, you might need to hold them in your armpit or in your cleavage to warm them up again so they apply better, because they might get a bit more solid than you'd prefer, and can go on a little... chunky, I suppose. Warming them up solves this problem.

They are really opaque, and the wear time was really nice. I got a couple hours of perfect wear, before I noticed the inner part of my lips looking less than perfect, and would have to touch them up again.

Pygmy Hippo*:
A cool rose pink, with a bit of violet. It's a little darker than a true nude, but it is still a pretty natural looking lip. Not too over the top. I really enjoyed wearing this, and I'll be sad when my sample runs out.

Dragon's Blood:
Darkened maroon red. I really thought that this, and Winter Romance should have switched names. This has more of a cool red, but the other has the better appearance of 'blood'. I have colors like this so I won't be buying the bigger size.

Winter Romance*:
A deep warm red. This has a bit of, dare I say a brown to it, and this looks far more like blood than Dragon's Blood does. It looks amazing on the lips, and really compliments my skintone surprisingly well.

Thanks for reading!

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