Thursday, April 2, 2015

New NYX Lip Products -

Hello again readers!

This year is full of new makeup launches from a variety of brands! It's so much that it's a little hard to keep track of everything. NYX has been nailing it with some of their new products, and I managed to get my hands on some of the products that I've been looking forward to for a while now, ever since I started seeing swatches of these products pop up on their Instagram.

High Voltage Lipsticks

I was really excited when the swatches for these lipsticks started popping up on social media. It's really easy to be swept up in everything, and start pining over certain colors. I bought Stone, Flutter Kiss, and Twisted so far. I started with Flutter Kiss, and Twisted, and I picked up Stone on a trip to Ulta.

I'm really disappointed in the packaging for these. The cap is clear, which is great to see what the colors are inside, but they get SO dirty so easily. The same reason why I don't like the caps for the Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipsticks.

The formula is nice, really smooth and nicely pigmented. The scent is sweet, and I am so happy about that. The product is so smooth and creamy, but then it smears all over the place. I suggest a lip liner, because they like to feather after a while.

I get about two hours of good coverage, and then I feel like I need to touch them up. Especially on the inside of my lips, they start wearing off, so I put on another layer of lipstick to make it look fresh.

They're available for $6!

Beige-Taupe Neutral. I thought I would never buy this, but swatching it on my skin I fell in love. It pulls a little grey on the lips, because of the taupe.

Flutter Kiss:
Neutral Pink. It has a bit of brown in it, and it just looks so good. This is a shade that would look flattering on so many people.

A violet with a blue undertone. This one is the only one out of the ones that I own, that leaves behind a stain. The stain it leaves behind is a bright fuchsia, that I'm not fond of.

Intense Butter Gloss
When I saw the swatches, these were the only two that I wanted. I wasn't blown away like the High Voltage lipstick swatches, I decided on these two; Tres Leches, and Berry Strudel. Unfortunately, after a trip to Ulta, there is a couple other ones that I want now, and I was doing so good!

These don't have a scent like the Butter Glosses do, they have a scent that's similar to the Matte Lip Creams. It's a bit like cake, but a bit like chemicals.

They are SO PIGMENTED. Intensely pigmented. One swipe, and that's all she wrote. They are packed with pigment, and it's easy to cover up the lips easily.

They're a little sticky, like tacky, and they're really thick on the lips. The tackiness is something that ensures that they last long, but I'm not too fond of it. I'm lucky I have short hair, but I know if I had longer hair my hair would get stuck in my lipgloss all of the time.

They're available for $6!

Tres Leches:
A nude pink lipgloss. I loved this instantly, and it looks really good on my skin tone.

Berry Strudel:
Is a gloss version  of the Twisted High Voltage Lipstick. A blue-toned violet. 

I have a type, I really enjoy nudes and violets (whether violets agree with me or not is not for debate) and I ended up picking the same colors in both finishes because they are what I enjoy. I don't feel bad at all, but this is a great comparison on the finishes, and it can help you decide if you're still on the fence on which you would prefer to purchase.

 Thanks for reading!

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