Monday, December 7, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Shadows & Blush

Hello again readers!

I'm really happy to start doing the reviews of my ColourPop collection. I've been placing orders and really getting a feel for certain products. I love some, I'm okay with others, and so far I haven't hated anything which is a good sign (just not for my wallet)!

Starting with the Super Shock Shadows/Pigments, I'm really sort of surprised with them. They have a mousse texture that dries down to a powder finish. They're $5 a piece, \ soft to the touch, and a bit of fun to press around in the pan since they're malleable. 

A few things to note is that since they are a wet formula, they can't be depotted. This is frustrating for anyone that wants a large collection of ColourPop shadows, but doesn't want to sacrifice the space to house the products. It's also frustrating that for each shadow I want to use, I have to unscrew the product. It's something really silly to be frustrated over, but I've always preferred a pigment or pressed powder shadow for this reason, since you don't have to store them in air-tight containers.

I really couldn't resist the Forever Freshman set (since sold out! sorry for the inconvenience!) since it contains a few of my favorite things; 90's culture and beautiful shadows.

Crimper: Light metallic gold with gold glitter
This one is more like a shadow I'd pat in the center of my lid, compared to all over my lid. It's pretty, but it's not pigmented enough to be worn on it's own in my opinion.

As If: Mid-tone matte brown
This was a little "dry" to work with, and needed a few layers for best application. I like using this in my crease shade, so it works perfectly for that!

Melrose: Matte rust
My favorite shade in this collection. I can't get enough of it. The pigmentation is really good, and it makes the blue in my eyes pop! I wish they kept this on permanently.

Koosh: Metallic silver-taupe
I'm a sucker for a good taupe, and Koosh is no exception. It always looks good on my eyes, and the formula and pigmentation are really good.

90210: Grey-tone taupe with gold and pink glitter
Another shade that I wish they kept on permanently, because it's just such a beautiful shade. The pigmentation was phenomenal, and the color really pops even on the lid. This shadow does have a bit of fallout if I blend, but it's nothing too major and it's easy enough to wipe away.

 Baby T: Navy blue with blue sheen
This said it was a matte, but it has a sheen to it that just makes it look more like a satin. I was really disappointed, because I thought it was going to be a matte navy and instead it has a sheen with it. How sad. When blended out the sheen isn't as prevalent, but I don't wear this all over the lid for that reason.

 Doe-A-Deer: Matte blackened violet
I had high expectations for this color (one of the first shadows I ever bought) and I was really let down. The shade isn't bad, but the formula is really bad. It's patchy, and requires a ton of layers to build up to full opacity. I don't know what it is about this shade, but it just doesn't want to work out.

Downtown: Matte cool-toned taupe
I can't find this on the ColourPop website anymore, and that's a crying shame. This is such a beautiful cool taupe, that's perfect for the crease or blended all over the lid. It's very rich in pigmentation and easy to use. Really if it wasn't for this shade, I never would have bought another ColourPop shadow again.

Central Perk: Matte dark burgundy
This is such a beautiful color, but a little hard to work with. It wants to be patchy so bad, even though it can be blended out it takes some time to work with it. I find it to be worth it, because it's such a beautiful color (and dat FRIENDS reference!).

Plaid: Blackened Olive
I was just a sucker for the entire fall line to be honest, and a blackened green? Sign me up! I only like deep greens really, and this is just such a beautiful shade for the lid. Incredibly pigmented and easy to apply.

Straight Trippin': Matte blackened violet
This is such a deep shade. It needs a couple of layers to have full opacity, but it's so well worth it. It's intense, it's deep, and it's very flattering to wear. I'm really pleased with this shade.

Mixed Tape: Mid-tone cool taupe grey
It's not quite a taupe, but not quite a grey either. It's a beautiful middle ground shade, that looks incredibly all over the lid. It catches the light just enough to be interesting, without being a metallic or a shimmer.

Straight Trippin' and Doe-A-Deer are incredibly different, even if they're approached in the same way. They're both blackened violets, where Straight Trippin' has far more black, and is far more pigmented over Doe-A-Deer which is lighter and more patchy. Straight Trippin' is a much better use of your money, and everything I wanted Doe-A-Deer to be.

Above is Mixed Tape, which has compmletely fallen out. I'm not sure what sort of glue they used, but it's an awful adhesive. It felt like gel when I went to scrape it off, like it's wet and never dried. This isn't the only one I've had issues with either.

Straight Trippin', As If, 90210, Crimper, and Plaid have all been loose. Either I can feel them shaking when I pick up the container, or when I go to use them, the pan moves around making it harder to pick up pigment. 

And it's only the new products. I wish that this wasn't the case, because it makes me really hate reaching for them. I can't super-glue the pans back in, because I don't want the toxic fumes to get anywhere near these cream products. I'll have to hot-glue them back in as soon as I can find my hot-glue gun. Very disappointing in that regard, which makes me not want to buy more.

Aphrodisiac: Neutral Matte Blush

I reach for this blush all of the time, so much that I'm almost hitting pan! The pigmentation is really good, and it's a very flattering blush on my face.  The formula is similar to the Super Shock shadows, where it's a mousse-like texture that dries to a powder finish. I use a stipple brush to apply it, and it blends into the skin like a dream, I was really impressed with how easy it was to apply and blend. I'm not interested in any other colors from the blush range, but I really enjoy this one. If the rest of the shades are anything like Aphrodisiac, then they are well worth the $8 price tag.


Thanks for reading!

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