Friday, December 11, 2015

House of Uni Lipstick

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If you're like me, you've taken a notice of beauty bloggers talking about House of Uni lipsticks. It started with swatches of Rum Punch, and a swatch of Fountain Lust sealed the deal for me. I checked them out, debated on buying from them, and then when they had a buy three for $20 sale, I couldn't pass it up, my curiosity was too great.

Each of the lipsticks comes in a gold plastic tube. The tops have little clear stickers with "House of Uni" printed on them. The bottoms have a white sticker with the shade names.

The packaging looks nice, but it feels cheap. I'm more impressed with a lipstick that's ugly, but feels sturdy, over a lipstick that looks beautiful but feels like it's going to break if I hold it too tightly.

To be honest, I have no idea how many ounces/grams are in each lipstick. I wasn't really pleased with that, as each of these lipsticks regularly retail for $9 (The site says $10, but every time I've checked the site, it says that they're marked down to $9) so not knowing exactly how much you're getting isn't ideal. Although, by site alone, they look to be a regular amount of lipstick.

The other packaging issue I had, is that each of these shades is poured differently? Fountain Lust is poured like a standard bullet lipstick with a pointed tip. Rum Punch and Blackberry has a flatter pour. It makes it harder to apply, and it frustrates me greatly. You'd think they'd all be poured into similar molds, but I suppose not.

Fountain Lust:
A beautiful teal semi-matte opaque lipstick. I can apply this quickly, no liner, and it looks perfect. It doesn't wash me out, and for having a lipstick with green tones in it, it doesn't pull out the yellow tones of my skin, and doesn't make me look sickly. It's such a beautiful lipstick to have, and this formula has been a pleasure to work with.  
My favorite shade, even with it's flaws. The flaws being, that even though it's easy to apply, that it smells like gross fake cherry flavoring. It's disgusting. I'd prefer my lipsticks to have no flavor, hell, I'd settle for the crayon-flavor over cherry. It makes me hate wearing this lipstick...

Rum Punch:
A true cobalt blue shade. This shade is more like a crelly - a mixture of a sheer jelly, and a creme formula. It makes the color come off as streaky. If I put it on top of a primer, or even a lipliner, it makes it more opaque, but it needs a little help. It will go all over the place, and fades from the inside of my mouth quickly. It needs constant touch-ups to keep looking good. 
The formula was so strange, because even though it was smooth, it had a bit of... grit to it. Like chunks of pigment weren't broken down enough. It made wearing the lipstick uncomfortable. It also smelled like ... traditional play lipstick, the kind of crayon-scented lipstick you'd use as a kid.

A beautiful blackened violet shade with warm undertones, this is what I wanted NYX Wicked Lippy in Betrayal to be like, color-wise. It has a similar crelly finish, where it's not too sheer, but it's not fully opaque either. This is another shade that needs some TLC to get to work best. I can't wear this without a lipliner, because it's such a smooth formula that it'll just slide right off! With how dark this shade is, it also needs constant touch-ups.
The formula was constant with this shade, but it also had the issue of smelling like crayons. I wasn't impressed with it, and although it's not bad, it's not good either.


With the differences in flavor, and pour, as well as having the grit issue with Rum Punch, makes me not want to buy from this company again. I really love Fountain Lust, and will continue to wear it even if I HATE the flavor of it, but I know I can depend on it lasting longer than an hour without touching it up. For $9 a lipstick, I expect it to be better. I'd rather buy something else with my money, and though I won't have as many color options, I'd rather have something that I can depend on.

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