Monday, December 14, 2015

Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow - Faint, Roach, and Lounge

Hello again readers!

I tried out some Urban Decay eyeshadow singles. I've used shadows included in palettes, and so far I've been really pleased with them. Of course, it's never a guarantee that the quality of shadows in a palette or shadows in singles will be the same. During the Days of Beauty event at Ulta, I picked each of these up for 50% off, so I wanted to really get a feel for a few of the singles. I picked up a matte, a satin, and a duochrome.

Matte taupe brown. This is a fantastic crease shade, and so smooth to the touch. Blends out easily and applies well.

Burguny-brown satin. I'd almost say metallic, but especially when it's blended into the skin, it loses a lot of it's impact. Looks good as an all-over-the-lid shade, and in the crease.

Brick red with a teal green color shift. I am a sucker for duochromes and I certainly resist my favorite duochrome color scheme. Of course, it's also the most easily found duochrome color scheme. So, this shadow I held to a higher standard. In the swatch, it looks fantastic, after applying to the lid and into the crease, it looses that duochrome finish and just makes the shadow look dull and lifeless - like it has faded after hours of wear. It was disappointing to say the least, as a $20 shadow I wanted to really impress me and knock all the other dupes I have out of the water. Save your money, get a travel size of MAC's blue-brown pigment, and get the same duochrome color scheme but with a better application and overall look.


I'm happy with Tease and Roach, but I returned Lounge. I have a couple other Urban Decay single shades that I've been looking at, but aside from those, I don't think I'll be expanding my collection much more than that. The formula is okay, but I'm never overly impressed with these.

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