Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hard Candy - Crush on Lava

Hello again readers~

I was going to hold off on this, but.... Today I have Hard Candy - Crush on Lava for you! When Hard Candy revamped their polishes, I was really bummed out... You see, Orly had Space Cadet, and Hard Candy had Beetle. I was cocky and though 'Oh, Beetle will be around forever, you can put off buying it', and I was sorely mistaken. I thought I'd have to search again for Space Cadet, but luckily this polish is super similar, so I don't have to!

Crush on Lava is a copper red chrome polish that shifts to yellow and very faintly green. My first thought when I put it on, was 'oh no, I've made a mistake!', but when I saw the shift I instantly warmed up to it. 

Good news, it's similar to Beetle. Bad news, I found in my search that it doesn't shift nearly as well as Beetle does. I'm fine with it however, though part of me is still shaking my fists of what could have been...

Each bottle retails for four dollars and can be purchased at Walmart.

Thanks for reading~