Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello again readers~

Just a super quick post for you today.


I used two coats of Orly - Gumdrop, and one coat of NYX - Gilded Glitter

I was excited to try Gilded Glitter, since the swatches I saw of it online were so gorgeous, and I was slightly disappointed. It's not the glitter payoff (Which is nice, not too little, and not too much!) but the glitter has a yellow-tint to its base, that shows up on lighter colours like Gumdrop.

It made some gross streaks to the manicure, and it just made the anticipation fizzle. It looks much better over darker colours, but I'll be keeping it away from lighter colours. 

From afar, you can't notice it so I wasn't too concerned, but knowing it wasn't as well as I hoped bummed me out a bit.

Thanks for reading~