Thursday, August 22, 2013

Got2B Oil-Licious Golden Shimmer Conditioner

Hello again readers~

I have a little review for you today: Got2B Oil-licious Golden Shimmer Conditioner.

Unlike the shampoo (which I really liked), I HATED this. I don't know why I ever though it was a good idea.

It didn't leave my hair feeling greasy, that's for sure, in fact, it left my hair feeling stripped! It didn't feel strong, or nourished and it left my hair feeling dry and brittle. I had to wash my hair later and deep-conditioned it with my Aussie conditioner for good measure.

It had a weird texture, not smooth and slippery like regular conditioner, and it was a little... gritty? I'm not really sure what the texture was supposed to be, but it felt more like something for skin than my hair.

It also had a heavy scent, like musky perfume. It wasn't very tempting, and it wasn't something I wanted others to smell in my hair either.

I'm not sure what it was, but my hair did not like this product at all.  What a shame.

It retails for 5-7 at drugstores, but I personally wouldn't recommend this to anyone. If it worked for you though, then I'm truly happy for you, but this didn't suit me at all.

Thanks for reading~


  1. OMG I also hated this. I was so excited to try this wonderful looking conditioner, only to be very disappointed when it totally ruined my hair. This stuff is gross and smells bad for sure!

    1. Agreed, I was hoping I'd fall in love like all the other products I've tried from that line, and I was very disappointed. :(