Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil - Stay-On Black and Endless Emerald

Hello again readers!

I've been wanting to show you these, and I'm sorry I took so long, but here we go!

Jordana recently launched a new line of long-wear eye products, including new Eyeshadow Pencils. They're a lot like how NYX's pencils are... but better!

Stay-On Black - A rich, matte black. This one is a lot like NYX's Black Bean, but way more pigmented, sets better, and doesn't smudge like the NYX eyeshadow pencil does.

Endless Emerald- a gorgeous emerald green. This was only a slight disappointment when I opened it, because there is little shimmer bits in the product, but luckily it's not overwhelming or too distracting either. The glitter doesn't fall all over my cheeks, either. :)

One swipe, and they show dramatic colour payoff. They're very creamy and pigmented, and they're easy to blend out if you choose to. Work fast however, they do set rather quickly (a bonus for me!)

Another thing to mention, is they do need a really good eye makeup remover to remove completely. This is after rubbing at my arm with a makeup removing cloth, and they still stayed! I was impressed.

-Long lasting, not exactly twelve hours, but will definitely get you through your school/work day or a night out.
-Pigmented! Insanely pigmented
-Can be used as bases for other eyeshadows 
- Cheap! They're regularly 4 dollars each, but you can get them on sale for 2 for 6.

-They need to be sharpened
- There's only 8 colors offered, so not a very wide range to choose from
-Be careful after applying, and don't forget to set them, or they may crease on you

Overall: 5/5 
I am so tempted to just go out and buy the rest, but I'll be strong. If I wait until the next BOGO I can get them cheaper. I love these, and am really excited to create new looks with them.

Thanks for reading~

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