Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Sinful Colors Launches

Hello again readers~

It seems Sinful Colors just keeps releasing more and more polishes, to the joy (or misery) of those who collect them.

Sinful Shine is their launch of  'Gel Tech' polishes, which are a dollar more expensive. Most of these colours can be duped in the permanent line, but some are rare and might just be worth grabbing a few. (I know I picked up four myself).

I'm really interested on how well these last up, and if they even need a top coat at all. 

I picked up four of them, Alfresco, Amazonian, Steel Reserve and Dark Room.

Alfresco - Light Blue with shimmer. A little thick, but evened out with two coats.
Amazonian - dark emerald green with shimmer.  Sheer at first, builds up in two coats. Fantastic formula. My favourite of the four.
Steel Reserve - darkened blue-grey cream. An almost dupe for China Glaze - Concrete Catwalk, but darker. A little thick, but evened out with two coats.
Dark Room - Black Cream. Two coats, great formula. Couldn't pass it up.

And another collection! At first I mistook it for the Almost Famous collection, and I'm really glad I went back. Diamond Dust has a new type of glitter polish, that I'm absolutely blown away by. DIAMOND shaped glitter. 

Kind of obvious now with the name, but it's not something too often done. I wasn't too eager to pick up any of the coloured ones, but I picked up Crystal Clear which is a silver holo.

Thanks for reading~

I regret photographing on a white backdrop today, since it doesn't bring out the colours as well as a darker backdrop... next time I shoot I'll go back to black, because it was a hassle trying to get colours to show true. :(

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