Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shopping with Sarah

Hello again readers~

I went out to lunch with my sister, my grandmother, and my grandmothers friends. It was really nice to spend some time with them. :) Afterwards, we went to Target and then to the mall for some mega quick shopping. 

Forever 21 was a bit of a bust, I don't buy much there anyway, but there was only one small necklace I bought and then these that were on clearance. They're usually 2 dollars each, but they were only 1 dollar! Beige and Dark Green.

I just wanted to mention, that the packaging for Beige is TERRIBLE. It looks really gaudy and definitely like extremely cheap plastic. The gold just picks up fingerprints and looks awful... Bad packaging choice there...

Beige is a good colour that isn't too overwhelming at all. I got it for an all-over-lid colour and am glad it will work for me. Dark Green isn't so much green as a dark teal really. Both have shimmer, but dark green strikes my fancy quite a bit.

Last bit was at Rue 21, I got a few pieces (among which is a fantastic new pair of skinny jeans, that I got for 6 dollars because someone was a jerk and ripped the original tag off of them.  >: ( )

They had these bins in the back FULL of polishes they were getting rid of to make room for new inventory. They were only a dollar each! I didn't notice this originally, but some of them were actually Color Club polishes as well. 

Though, NONE OF THEM WERE LABELED! They have labels on the back for the price, with numbers for their colour, but not a name. The names I'm using for these are the ones I got off the receipt... 

Left to Right: Black, Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Turquoise, Jazz Hands, Portfolio.

All of them applied in two coats.

Black: Standard black cream. Dries in a satin finish. Nothing to rave about.
Navy Blue: FINALLY. A lot of navy blues I find have shimmer or glitter. This is a navy blue jelly. Love it!
Dark Blue: A blue creme.

Turquoise: A bright turquoise creme that was the best behaved of all of the polishes. Applied like a dream, and was almost a one-coater.
Jazz Hands: A berry-wine creme polish.
Portfolio: A violet-green duo-chrome polish. This applied well, but shows off brushstrokes.

I was a little impressed, and a little underwhelmed at the same time! Some of the swatches are gorgeous, and some are just so-so.

Thanks for reading~

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