Sunday, May 26, 2013

Essence - Chic Reloaded

Hello again readers~

I'm going through my photos and I found a little gold mine of pictures I never got around to posting. I need to pick up the slack!

Today I bring you Essence - Chic Reloaded.

Took me forever to post these photos! I mean, I bought this polish back in December and never got around to it...

Chic Reloaded is a duo-chrome in a dark grey base, which a bit of a let down.,,

 In the bottle it shows teal, blue, violet, yellow, green, pink... just a rainbow of colours, but on the nail it's not as vibrant. In certain situations it barely shows other than teal, blue, violet and a bit of grey. And in direct sunlight looks like a foil. It's a very interesting polish.

It's opaque in two coats, and it shows brush strokes, which can be overlooked... It did bubble on me a bit in a spot or two, which isn't the worst but it makes the manicure look a bit terrible.

I really prefer it in the shade though...

Other than that I really enjoy this polish, and it was only 2 dollars at Ulta!

Thanks for reading~

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