Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wet n Wild Juicy Lip Balm Raspberry Review

Hello again readers~

Just going to do a quick review on Wet n Wild's Juicy Lip Balm in Raspberry.

I picked this up during one of the 'buy one get one free' promotions Walgreens had a while back, along with a palette that I had my eye on. I saw that they were hosted in Seventeen magazine,and I wanted to try it out myself. I haven't really heard many raves about it, but  why not try it? 

I was pleasantly impressed with how much product you got. You don't need very much to coat your lips, and with how big it is, it's quite a lot! It also smelled wonderful.

I used this for a few days, just to get a proper feel for it, and well... I wasn't too wild about it. I do like how it's mildy moisturizing, and it's also a tinted balm! It gives a nice little burst of colour to the lips, and also has SPF 15 to protect them as well. For summer? These are pretty great.

One of my biggest problems with this, is that it didn't last very long. I put it on, and within an hour, it was gone! The colour also moves a little bit with wear. On top of that, I wasn't wild about the taste, and it didn't leave my lips feeling moisturized at all... In fact, it left them feeling dryer than before I put it on! Also, with the smell, at first it smells great, but if you smell too hard, it smells a bit like balmy plastic. Not the best...

- SPF 15
- Tinted
- Good for summer
- Smells good (at first)

- Smell is incredibly fake and gets on my nerves after a while
- Doesn't last. I have to keep reapplying
- Doesn't do it for me with moisturizing
- Doesn't taste good
- It's a lot larger than regular balms. Not the easiest to take with you.

Overall: 2/5

If I'm going to be outside for a little,and I want the benefit of  SPF with the added bonus of a tint,  I'd reach for this. I couldn't ever see me taking it with me everywhere, and would rather just throw it in with a beach bag or something similar. If your lips are generally moisturized, this would work better for you than it did me.

You can find them at any drugstore that sells Wet n Wild products such as Walgreens. They retail for $2.99, and also come in Strawberry, Watermelon, and Cherry.

Thanks for reading~

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