Friday, September 27, 2013

ELF Disney Villains Palette - Maleficent

Hello again readers!

E.L.F. launched this years collection of the Disney Villains palettes. I picked up two; Ursula and Maleficent.


Maleficent is my favourite Disney Villain of all time, and I missed out on her palette last year, so I was not going to let it go this year!

Each pallete comes with a mascara, an eyeliner pencil, a liquid eyeliner, a palette, an eyeshadow brush, a primer and a lipgloss.

This primer doesn't lean pink like the Urusla's, but it is a little warmer for sure. 

The mascara isn't anything to write home about. It adds color. It's nice for me if I don't really want to do anything and just want color, but if you have darker lashes this won't do anything for you.

The lipgloss, Maleficent, is a darkened berry red. It was sheer, but looked good on the lips. Like fruit stains. I really liked it, and it was dark enough that I loved it, and sheer enough that everyone would like it. :)

The liquid eyeliner is basic black. Opaque, and I didn't have any problems with it.

The pencil liner falls flat, and isn't something that I feel was worth it. It wasn't pigmented enough for me, and it drags against the skin. 

Top Row: Flora, Fauna, Spell
Bottom Row: Deep Sleep, Thorns, Raven Black

Flora: A bright yellow champagne shimmer. Opaque.
Fauna: Gunmetal shimmer. Opaque.
Spell: Emerald Green shimmer. Opaque.
Deep Sleep: Silver shimmer. Opaque.
Thorns: Brown shimmer. Opaque.
Raven Black. Matte Black. Needs build-up.

The only one that I wasn't wowed by, was Raven Black. It needed to really be built-up to look opaque. The rest I /loved/.

There are four palettes in total: Urusla, Cruella, Evil Queen, and Maleficent, and they retail for $9.99 a piece. Are they worth it? I think so, especially if you like the villain. :)

Thanks for reading!

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