Monday, September 30, 2013

Wet n Wild Trio - Cool as a Cucumber

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Happy Monday everyone! It's safe to say, that Monday isn't my roughest day (Sunday is), but it's still pretty hard, since it starts off the school week officially... Today I get to go to a meeting and I have a critique, so I'm making a quick post to distract myself a little. :) 

Wet n Wild - Cool as a Cucumber

I wasn't in love with this trio as I was expecting. I love the colours together, but it fell flat to me. The light green isn't very pigmented, and I had to pack on colour to get this swatch. It's chalky, and just fades when i blend it out. Not really anything to write home about. The violet also fell flat. It wasn't pigmented, and took a bit of work to get it as dark as I was expecting it originally. The real winner here is the dark green, but it's not enough to really redeem this one.

I wouldn't recommend this particular palette, unless you are in love with the colours and don't mind having to work for colour payoff. There are other palettes that are better, and other brands have similar colours that are better worth your money.

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