Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow Single in Outrageous Metallic Purple

Hello again readers!

I'm going to try to go through all of my 'posts' on my computer, and start updating regularly. I'll update on Fridays for sure, since it's my only day off from School. Maybe I'll add a few more posts sprinkled here and there, but I need to focus on at least one a week, or I'll lose myself!

Today I'll be showing you one of the Sephora Outrageous Prisma Chrome (OPC) Eyeshadow's in Outrageous Metallic Purple (OMP).

OMP is one of the many eyeshadow shades that you can wear by itself. It catches the light beautifully, and when you blend it in your crease it adds a great effect that makes it look like you went all out!

OMP is a taupy toned violet shimmer with glitter in it. It's smooth, pigmented, and applies like a dream!

They retail at 16 dollars, but I think they're being phased out, since I got mine on clearance for 7 dollars.

Thanks for reading!

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