Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wet n Wild MegaLast Matte Lipsticks

Hello again readers!

Going through photos, I realized that I had so many swatches of lipsticks, without the names attached, and since I have so many (19. I have 19... ) Though they're not new, I thought, why not just put them all in one post?

So, I present to you the  19/28 Permanent MegaLast Lipsticks from Wet n Wild:

I can't help but to love these lipsticks! They are a matte lipstick, two dollars, and they aren't too drying on the lips. The formula is consistent through most of the shades, and there are so many colours to choose from! 

The only two downsides I have, is that if you haven't bought the lipsticks recently, they won't have the shade name on the label. For me, this isn't a huge deal since I remember which ones are which, but if you are someone with a large lipstick collection having only the number will be frustrating.

The other issue is the packaging. I love these lipsticks, but the packaging is a bit of a fail for me. The clear cap of the tube gets dirty quickly, and though it's great so you can see the shade, you can also see all the lipstick that gets smeared on the inside too.


Just Peachy: a bright peach-toned pink. I didn't think I would like it as much as I do, but it's beautiful and perfect for spring and summer.
Think Pink: light pink. Definitely a must have if you love pinks that are good for everyday wear.
Rose-Bud: Rose pink. 
Pinkerbell: Barbie Pink. This one is much brighter in person, almost neon sometimes. It's really attention grabbing, but surprisingly wearable.
Don't Blink Pink: a cool-toned medium pink.
Smokin' Hot Pink: a dusty medium pink.

Oranges and Browns:

24 Carrot Gold: Orange! Can you believe it, this lipstick is fantastic. It leans more to the coral side, but it's so beautiful on the lips. 
Purty Persimmon: Red-Orange. If you're not willing to wear basically straight-up orange, then this is a good alternative to dabble in the orange lipstick trend, without going too crazy.
Coral-ine: The name says it all, a coral lipstick. Not too red, but not too orange either. A great mix.
Spiked with Rum: This is a brown-toned red that I was really worried to wear, but it looks surprisingly good on my lips. Great for fall.
Mocha-licious: warm brown. I can't wear this shade at all. It makes me look a bit like a corpse, and it's just not flattering at all. 


Spotlight Red: Cool-toned Pinup Red, really the best way to describe these. A classic red to add to your collection. Can't go wrong with this shade.
Red Velvet: blue-toned cherry red.
Cherry Picking: Berry Red. I wasn't as fond as this one as I thought, even though it's cool toned. It's just not that wonderful on my lips as I hoped.


Sugar Plum Fairy: Berry Pink. Surprisingly, though I'm not fun of Cherry Picking, I love this one! Not too dark, but not light either. Great for stepping into the fall trend without going too dark.
Cinnamon Spice: Brick Red. I didn't expect to like this one as much as I did, but it looks so great. It would look even better if you have a bit of a tan.
Ravin' Raisin: Warm plum. I was instantly so in love with this. It was my first violet lipstick and I just can't get enough of it.
Cherry Bomb: Oxblood Red. Really when you want a red lip, but you want it to be extra intense. This shade was a little dryer to apply.
Vamp It Up: Blackened Violet. This lipstick had single-handedly destroyed my love for black lipsticks. It's dark, without the void-look of black. It's such a beautiful lipstick, that just looks fantastic.

There are a few that I want to still buy:  Bare it All, Dollhouse Pink, Wine Room, In the Flesh, Mauve Outta Here.... and the limited edition ones. What can I say, I really love the formula, and the colour selection presents you with pinks, oranges, reds, brows, and violets! At two dollars a pop, why not try all the ones you can get your hands on, or stick with your comfort zone of the colours you know you'll love. :) 

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