Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wet n Wild Swatch Spam

Hello again readers!

When I have free time, I've been going through my monster folder in my computer of swatches that got shoved in there for 'safekeeping'. Meaning they've been sitting on my computer collecting dust for ages!

Today, I have a few swatches of some of the Wet n Wild polishes, both the Wild Shine and the Beauty Benefits.

Frank is Mine is an electric green that came out during Halloween season of 2013. I saw it, and I couldn't resist adding it to my collection. I was really disappointed though, that it needs at least three coats, and even then you can still see the nail bed. This would be better suited to layer over a lighter green, maybe even white, but worn by itself unless you do a nail tip it's just not cutting it. This was with three coats.

Eggplant Frost is a beautiful duochrome polish. It has a red violet base, with a blue violet shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous, and a colour that I find myself wanting to grab again when I'm out shopping, but I can contain myself because I have this beauty. This almost applied in one coat, but I used two to even it out.

The next few polishes are from their Beauty Benefit line that you can find in dollar stores. Unfortunately, none of them have names, which makes it hard for you to track down if you fancy them.

When I saw this colour, I HAD to have it. It's a beautiful grey-taupe shimmer. I had a Maybelline polish like this forever ago that dried up, and I'm glad to have a replacement in my collection. It does show brush strokes, but they are less noticeable in person. This applied in two coats.

The next is a pale, dusty blue shimmer. This one also shows brush strokes, and I noticed that the formula for this polish was a little runnier than the others. It got all over the place and was a little hard to control. This applied in three coats.

This is a nice royal blue, with shimmer. This polish had a little issue, where it would pool in the cuticles. Even clean up was a bit of a nightmare because when I'd clean it up, more would come.  This polish does show brush strokes, but they aren't as noticeable in real life. This polish applied in two coats.

This polish is a dusty violet taupe. It's a strange colour, but it looks good on the nail. This polish showed brushstrokes, but they weren't as noticeable in real life. I used two coats for the photo.

The last one I picked up was a berry shimmer. This is the only polish out of the ones that I have bought, that didn't have brush strokes after applying. This went on like a dream, as it was easy to control. I used two coats for the photo.

Thanks for reading!

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