Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Favourites

Hello  again readers!

Another month has come and gone. Honestly, August has been the worst month for me. I had my wisdom taken out during the first week, and then afterwards I was in bed in pain, and then I got steroids for my mouth since it wasn't healing properly, and then to top it off I got really sick. I have been coughing and blowing my nose for weeks! It's really frustrating, but I got through it. 

Now, onto the part you really care about. :)

August Top 10

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer:
I had always liked this moisturizer, because it just works so well with my skin. I get the moisture that I need, and it doesn't make me go crazy with oils from my skin. I like using both this, and the acne control (for mornings), but since I have been blowing my nose so often, I have had a lot of dry skin on my nose and cheeks. This really helps keep my skin happier.

ELF Daily Brush Cleaner: 
I am in love with this product. Especially when I've been going a little crazy with colours for my eyes. It's so easy to just spray on the brush and rub it against a towel to get a new start, without taking the time to wash it completely and wait a few hours for the brush to dry. Instant gratification, and so cheap!

NYX Butter Gloss - Maple Blondie:
These glosses are by far my favourites, and I always find myself using them. I've been really reaching for this one in particular, because it's such a nice warm pink! Not too overwhelming, and a brighter colour for just the right amount of attention.

Revlon Lip Butter - Gumdrop:
I really wish light violets were more common in the makeup world, because I love this! It's a beautiful pale violet, with a slight amount of shimmer. It can be really sheer, or I can add another layer or two for a more pigmented colour. It looks great, and I am going to be a little sad when it's gone.

NYC Bronzer - Sunny:
A popular bronzer, for a good reason. It's a little warm, but I do enjoy using this for contouring my face since it's matte and it's not as overwhelming since the colour is light. I can make it work for me, and it goes on beautifully.

Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Illuminizer - Pink Shimmer:
I still haven't found the best way to apply this, but I am enjoying the colour so much. I'm not a fan of cream/liquid products for the face, but the pink illumination goes in so well with my blushers, and it's a nice addition.

ELF Makeup Remover Pen:
I didn't like this at first, but now it's a lifesaver! I like using this for cleaning up my brows, and my eye makeup before I go in with a concealer to really keep it as clean as possible. Great for when waterproof products need to be budged, and concealers just aren't good enough.

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Inked in Pink:
I've been going with softer looks since I've been so down in health, and this product adds a perfect pop of colour to my lids without being overwhelming at all. Easy to blend up into the crease, and stays looking great all day.

Chapstick - Cake Batter:
I reach for this all the time, and so glad I have multiples. A perfect chapstick for adding in much-needed moisture to my lips, and the taste is phenomenal. Just like vanilla cake!! I just apply this whenever I feel the need, and it's so trusty.

Milani HD Concealer - Light:
A little sad to see this discontinued, but I can see why. I like this for all over my face when my skin is really good, or for cleaning up my eye makeup. It's a colour that fits perfectly with my skintone, and I reach for it every day that I wear  makeup. Sad when this is gone. :(

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