Sunday, August 10, 2014

L.A.Girl Glazed Lip Paints

Hello again readers!

So I picked these beauties up a while ago, and I finally wore them all enough to review! Also, how excited are you that they're launching new ones? There are going to be 12 new Lip Paints and I'm so excited, I'm going to have to try to control myself and buy the ones I know I'll wear... Or buy them all, who knows!

Currently, there are 6. They come in these squeeze tubes. I was really surprised with how cheap these were: 3 dollars a piece! What?! Super affordable, and they give you a nice selection for this initial launch.

The applicator is a little bit of a failure though. It's like a traditional clear gloss, which doesn't work well for these. The applicator doesn't give an even application, and it smears the colour around making it harder to get fully opaque. Luckily, unless someone is right up against your lips it isn't impossible to get an acceptable look, but it does take some work. It's easier to just apply with a lip brush, so in that sense they are a lot like the OCC Lip Tars where you need to apply with a lip brush to get proper opacity.

However they are all really interesting. The formula is slick, like a gloss, but really opaque. The shine goes away after a couple of hours, but the colour lasts even longer, and doesn't fade in odd patches. I was really impressed with the long colour payoff that I got from these, and was just loving it. They wear as long as you keep them on your lips, but be careful because these transfer onto anything that touches them: hair, skin, clothing, cups/straws, etc. Just be wary with these.

They all have a smell of peppermint, and they give a slight sting to your lips, but take it from me as someone who doesn't like that feeling, that they are not irritating and that feeling goes away shortly.

Hot Mess is a warm-toned orange. Definitely attention grabbing, but not too over-the-top either. It's a statement colour, but it isn't neon, so you can get away with using this for everyday. The coverage is good, and this is one of the easier ones to work with, but it needs a little extra love on the edges.

Pinup is the hardest out of all of them to work with, which isn't surprising with a red. This was one that I ended up wanting to toss at a wall because once it touched skin, it wanted to stain it. I ended up just drawing a line of lipliner around my lips so now they just look ridiculous. Plus, no matter how many times I went over it I never got it even. 

Babydoll is my surprising favourite of the bunch, being a cool-toned bright pink. The colour is vibrant, and eye-catching, and it wears well. It's one of the easier ones to apply, and didn't give me too many issues.

 Bombshell is a bright fuchsia pink. Not hard to work with, and gives really great colour payoff. It's not a colour that's completely unique, but it's a shade I'd suggest you picking up if you like pink.

Blushing a rose mauve. It is the second hardest to work with. It just wanted to go all over the place, and then it was hard to build up enough product to cover my lips properly. It traveled a bit.

Coy was the one I wanted if I could only find one, and it was quickly one of my favourites. It's a cool violet and just... Wonderful. If you have to get any of these, buy this one, because the colour is just stunning. The colour wears so well, and even if you don't apply it perfectly no one can notice. It's just a wonderful colour that's flattering on many.

 Thanks for buying!

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