Tuesday, August 5, 2014

ELF Disney Snow White Collection - Eye Collection and Lip Collection

Hello again readers!

I'm really happy that they're coming out with more Disney collections from ELF, I just can't get enough! I didn't find any that I wanted from the Ariel collection, but I was instantly drawn by the beautiful packaging of the Snow White collection, as the boxes are just exquisite.  

I bought the Lip Collection, and the Eye Collection

The Eye Collection provides you with a 6-pan Eyeshadow Palette, and a black mascara.

I adore the picture of Snow on the front, it adds the right amount of flair for this otherwise bland-looking packaging, though the packaging is still rather sleek and easy to store.

If there is anything that ELF does right in their cheaper palettes, it's their shimmers, and fortunately you get all six of the eyeshadows as a shimmer.

Top Row:
Light Eggshell Yellow Shimmer
Light Sea Green Shimmer
Copper Shimmer

Bottom Row:
Brass Shimmer
Grey-Blue Shimmer
Graphite Shimmer

I was really surprised with the pigmentation that all of them were great, and not just some or most of them. They are so pigmented, and I didn't even use these over primers! 

The mascara is just basic. It doesn't do much for your lashes, just adds colour, but it comes with a really beautiful cap decal of SW stamped on it, so if anything it's just pretty to have displayed. 

The Lip Collection provides you with a lip stain, a lip gloss, and a balm stain, all in Snow's trademark red.

I was really kind of hesitant to buy this, but the balm tint really sold me on this, since I already know I liked the product. I was really suckered into it because of the designs on the products.

The lip stain is a marker. I reviewed this before here, and I wasn't wild about it. I still don't like it.

The lipgloss was so strange! It smells like chemicals, and peppermint, and it stung my lips. I'm sure it's the peppermint oil in the product, and I'm sure that it's for a lip-plumping effect, but I wasn't happy with it. The application was streaky, and this is a gloss that I'd have to wear over a lipstick in order to get a good enough payment.

Now, I know I love the balm stain, but when I opened this, I saw that it was already sweating! Ugh, not a good start, as that can really open up a whole new can of worms as a breeding ground for bacteria. I didn't put it on my lips, but I did swatch it on my arm since I already swatched the others on my arm...

I wasn't happy with this kit, and I did end up taking it back.

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