Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ulta Birthday Reward - Calvin Klein One Mascara

Hello again readers!

Nothing like being two weeks late for reviews, huh? Well, one of my favourite sayings is 'better late than never', and I stand by that!

This year, Ulta gave out a full-sized mascara as their birthday reward. I was really shocked, and excited to try out this mascara, because I never tried a CK makeup product before.

Calvin Klein One Mascara

The tube is a little... questionable, but sleek. The monochrome mascara packaging is a ringer, and I'm always instantly in love with the smooth plastic that pops up here and there with packaging, even if it collects makeup like crazy.

The cap looked a little strange, but really, it's an odd but amazing feature, the top of the mascara want twists, so you get TWO different mascara wands in one!

If it is relaxed, you get a brush perfect for separating your lashes and creating length.

If you twist the cap, you get a brush that's great for building up volume fast!

The way I like using this, is either go in with the volume mascara wand, and then go in again with the lengthening wand again to de-clump the lashes, or I just use the lengthening mascara by itself.

The formula is strange, as it clumps really easily, even just using the lengthening mascara. I really had to watch how I applied it so my lashes wouldn't get stuck togther. Another thing that's so strange about this formula, is that mine never seems to want to truly dry, until an hour later, then it just feels brittle.

Since it's not waterproof, it's not a mascara that'd ever be my every day mascara, but I really enjoy using it on the days where I just go out for errands. It's a wonderful gift, so don't forget to get yours!

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