Monday, December 1, 2014

November Top 10

Hello again readers!

Can you believe it's already December? Geez, it seems like the days go by faster and faster. In two weeks, I'll be done with this semester of Uni, and then I have just one more! Everything is going by so fast, I just can't even believe it.

November Top 10

Urban Decay Smoked Palette:
A new addition to my collection. I am so pleased with it, and can't believe it took me years to get it! I can go more natural, or go super over-the-top. It's perfection.

Hard Candy Spicy and Sweet Fox in a Box:
I haven't reached for it in a while, but with fall, and soon to be winter kicking my butt, I need a little extra help looking healthy and alive. It helps so my cheeks don't look blotchy or too-white.

H & M Nude Glow Highlighter:
I wasn't sure I'd like it, because it looked a bit like Becca Highlighter in Opal, but I was so surprised with how much I loved it! It went so well on my cheeks, and so smooth, and now I'm a little mad at myself because i had to put Opal on my wishlist! I get such a nice glow with this product,t hat I can't help but love it.

Clean &  Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer:
I needed a new morning moisturizer to wear for the day, and with the dryer time of the year upon me, I need to make sure my dryer skin stays as moist as possible. This is a great moisturizer, that puts moisture back into my skin, and allows me to put on my makeup soon after. It absorbs so quickly!

ELF Mineral Blemish Powder:
This stuff is a miracle in a jar. It isn't a concealer, far from it, but putting it on my face with my makeup, and at night, heals my acne so much faster! I was skeptical at first, but trying it myself I can see the difference on how fast my acne heals. I can't see myself living without it anymore, and since  it's not necessary to use a lot of product, this little jar will last such a long time.

ELF Hydrating Under Eye Primer:
I didn't think to treat my under eye area any different than the rest of my face, and I know how horrid that can sound. Your eye area is really sensitive, with some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on your entire body! This primer goes on nice and slick, and dries tacky. I hated that fact at first, but then I realized that it latches on and holds onto the concealer you put on your under eye area! It doesn't move around like if were to use a more silicone-based primer, and I have quickly fallen in love.

Revlon Nearly Naked Ivory Foundation:
I didn't like this at first, but now I really, really do. Compared to the Colorstay formula, this formula is a light to medium coverage. If you prefer a look more natural, or your skin looks good without foundation, this would be the ideal choice. I was a little fearful that it would look bad with my oily skin, but even when I start looking oily, I don't look disgusting, more like a natural glow. It's easy enough to take care of with a couple of oil blotting sheets and some powder, and I can see this working out well for the winter, since the formula isn't drying.

Mac Blue Brown Pigment (Size to Go): 
I have been wanting this pigment for ages, even before Wet n Wild released their Comfort Zone palette. It's been a coveted shade that I've been looking forward to, and I finally caved in and bought it when I was offered free shipping through the newsletter. I am so in love. It looks great by itself, smoked out, layered with other shades, I've even used it as an eyeliner! For a strange color, it's really versatile. I want to try it as a blusher too, to see how well that works out.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance:
Not sure if it's a favorite because I really like it, or because it's what I've been wanting to use up. This formula is sticker than the UDPP, and I find it really grips shadows better. Though, this can be great for base colors, it c an make it worse for blending shadows out. It would need a translucent powder placed on top for easier blending.

NYX Brunette Eyebrow Gel:
I went out and bought these when they first launched, and I still LOVE them. I switch between blonde and brunette (depending on how dramatic I want my brows). It's tricky to use at first, trickier than a pencil, or a powder, heck, even a pomade, but once you get it down it looks fantastic.

Thanks for reading!

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