Sunday, November 30, 2014

Urban Decay Smoked Palette

Hello again readers!

I have been lusting after this palette for years, and never was able to commit to buying it. I'd see it, and I'd want it, but spending that chunk of cash just wasn't something I could afford to drop on one product until recently.

The packaging on the box is very smooth. Just to the touch, the packaging itself feels luxurious, like the Too Faced Packaging.

The palette itself is a little strange. It has a fabric covered cardboard casing, which collects SO much dirt/product onto the surface. The picture above is before I even got to use the shadows, and you can see how dirty it looks already. It's also pretty bulky, and zips shut, which I haven't seen in another palette that I can remember. It's strange, but it's memorable.

I wish it didn't have this kind of packaging, since it's time consuming to get into it, and it gets dirty so quickly. The only upside I can see to having a zipper, is that it won't burst open if you travel with it. Otherwise, if you just keep it in your collection or in your makeup area, it seems useless.

The palette inside, has a mirror, ten eyeshadows, and a full-sized eyeliner. 

In the box, it supplies you with a really adorable mini (top) Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have it next to my travel-sized  UDPP, and you can see that the primer that comes in the palette is still smaller. Though it's small, the primer will last a long time, especially if you change our your primers like I do.

There is also a booklet inside that gives detailed instructions for creating some looks, but I don't keep that on hand since I'd rather go with trial and error to see what works for me.

This was my first Urban Decay eyeliner pencil that I own, and I was happy that it was in black. I use black liners over any other shade, and if it turned out to be brown I wouldn't get any use out of it.

The eyeliner is incredibly creamy and smooth. This was one swipe over my arm, and I didn't have to press down to get pigmentation, similar to my Milani and Jordana gel eyeliner pencils. 

Since it's so creamy, it's easily blendable, and easy to smoke out, making it a great addition to the palette.

However, it just doesn't work out for me. I haven't found an eyeliner that i can wear comfortably in my waterline yet without major smudging, and even with setting this eyeliner with a powder, I still get smudging and mega wear through the day. It just doesn't hold up for me. 

The shadows however, being the reason that I wanted this palette in the first place, do not disappoint. In the palette, they give you four mattes, and six shimmers that can be used to make a multitude of eyeshadow looks, from casual everyday to club-worthy.

Each of the shadows are buttery smooth, with great pigmentation. Aside from the black and brown, they all go on on incredibly easy and build up to full opacity.

Matte Cream
Matte peach/tan. I use this as my blending shade.
Taupe Shimmer. Favorite shade out of the palette, but that's not so surprising.
Matte Brown.
Matte Black. Pretty pigmented for a black, and it can also go on pretty sheer if you tap it into the product. Not the best black I've ever used, but one that I will use up.

An almost coppery, brown shimmer. Beautiful color, and I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.
Plum shimmer.
Blackened cobalt shimmer.
 Blackened emerald shimmer. One of my other favorites. It goes on so effortlessly and smooth. I love it!
A silver grey shimmer. Perfect for all over the lid with some smoked out eyeliner.


All of these colors were perfect choices for a palette like this. An easy smokey eye, no matter if you want to go more natural, or really out there.

I was incredibly impressed with the wear, the pigmentation, and the feel of these shadows. They didn't disappoint, and this palette was well worth the 29 dollars.

I think that this *might* be discontinued, since I can no longer find it on the Urban Decay site. If you don't want to miss out like I might have if I didn't jump on it, go out and see if you can find it in store! I got mine from Ulta, so try there. Free shipping, and free samples if you order it that way!

Thanks for reading!

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