Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Empties #2

Hello again readers!

I really needed to get this posted, because my VS bag that holds all of my empties, was practically ripping apart at the edges. It was really quite a lot this time around.

Asterisks indicate that I have a backup, or I'll be repurchasing the product.

Face and Body

-Bath and Body Works Body Splash in Cherry Blossom and Sensual Amber - Empty
-Bath and Body Works Velvet Tuberose Lotion - Old
-Missha Cherry Blossom Love Secret Hand Cream - Empty -This one was really crazy. It was very thin, but didn't absorb that quickly into the skin. It didn't moisturize my hands much, though the scent was pleasant. Can you believe that this little tube is ten dollars? Geez.
- Lady Gaga Fame Lotion - Empty
-Sugar False Eyelashes in Flirt - Empty
-ELF Angled Blush Brush - Old
- Neutrogena Makeup Wipes - Empty - I'm going to be taking a break on these for a while. I want to try a couple of others before I come back... Even though I do have two packs left, so we'll see how that goes.
- Global Beauty Care Retinol Wipes - Empty - I'm really disappointed and sad to say, but these aren't compatible with me anymore. :( These used to be my favourite, and I felt so fantastic afterwards, but now when I use them it dries out my skin really badly and makes me break out terrible. What a shame.
- ELF Makeup Remover Cleaning Wipes - Empty*

 -April Tropical Body wash - Empty - Not bad for a dollar. It wasn't necessarily what I think when i think tropical, but the scent was nice.
-Equate Baby Shampoo - Empty* - I love this product for cleaning my makeup brushes. Gets them clean without drying the bristles out, and it doesn't take too much effort. Cheap, easy, effortless.
-Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse - Empty - I had this for after my wisdom teeth surgery. Seriously, if you have any open wounds in your mouth, or you're expecting to have oral surgery, pick this stuff up. It's great for helping to heal, and it's great  for helping with the disgusting breath you will have because you can't brush where the stitches are. :( 
-Degree for Men Cool Rush Deodorant - Empty* - I can't use deodorant marketed towards females anymore, because they aren't effective. Within a few hours I'm sweaty, and I smell disgusting, but this deodorant really combats that and leaves me feeling dry and fresh. Plus, the scent is really androgynous, with it just smelling clean so it doesn't overpower any perfumes you would like to use. A double win for me.
-Bath and Body Works Vampire Blood  Hand Sanitizer - Empty*
-Bath and Body Works Dancing Waters Foaming Hand Soap - Empty
-Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - Empty*


 -Bath and Body Works Bio - Old - Can you believe I even had this? It's ancient, like a dinosaur, but dang if I didn't smell fantastic... I miss it, it was great to have especially when my hair was longer and lasted forever. I'd still use it if I didn't know deep down that it was riddled with bacteria...
-Dove Refresh Dry Shampoo - Empty*
-Got2B Spiked Up Hair Gel - Old


-Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Cream Cleanser - Empty
-T.N.Dickson's With Hazel - Empty*
-Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask - Empty
-Sea Breeze Facial Lotion - Empty - If I could buy this again, I would. A gorgeous thick moisturizer that really just locked in moisture without being too heavy on the face (even though the texture was thick). I miss it.
-Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Toner - Empty - I know it's empty, but it was a hell of a time trying to use this up.. I should have kept the receipt and returned it. It dried my skin out really bad, and helped with the terrible breakouts on my face. 
-April Facial Mask - Empty*
-Skin Milk Body Wash - Empty
-Hard Candy Eye'm Tired - Empty 


-Rue 21 Wallet -Random, I know, but I am so upset about this. The clasp shattered, so it doesn't close anymore. Such a shame, because I really loved the faux reptile look.
-Profusion Midnight Fever Palette- Depotted
-ELF 36 pan palette - Depotted 

-Milani Color Statement Lipstick Sangria, Hot Pink Rage, and Rose Hip - Empty
-L'Oreal Color Riche Balm in Sundays by the Scene - Empty
-L'Oreal Color Riche Merino Mauve Lipstick - Empty
-Covergirl Water Resistant Clump Crusher Mascara - Empty*
-NYX HD 02 Concealer - Empty*
-Maybelline Eyestudio Blackest Black Gel Eyeliner - Old* - I have had this forever, and I finally am giving it up. I will miss it terribly, because I loved it so, but I have a bunch of other gel liners I need to use right now. 
-NYX Full Coverage 01 Concealer - Empty - A little dark, and I wasn't wild about how it sat on my face. Made me look cakey.
-Sally Hansen Night Fright Insta-Dri Polish - Empty - I've used better black polishes, so I won't miss this one.
-Revlon Colorstay Blackest Black Liquid Eyeliner - Empty*
-NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe - Empty
-L.A.Splash Brow Gel in Profound - Old

ELF Candid Coral Blush*, ELF St. Lucia Contouring Blush and Bronzer*, and the Love and Beauty Brown Eyeshadow Single - I'm getting rid of because they all have gotten incredibly old and gross! They started balling up, and that's just excess oil and bacteria clinging to the product, and I really don't want to be rubbing that on my face.

What a doozy, right?

Thanks for reading!

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