Thursday, November 27, 2014

MAC Large Duo Pro Palette

Hello again readers!

This week I am going to upload all of my higher end makeup reviews and swatches that I've been holding onto. 

Today I have the Mac Large Duo Pro Palette!

This is my first MAC purchase, and I wanted to note how great the box itself felt. It's light cardstock, but it feels really sleek and luxurious. I know, look at me waxing poetic about a box, but it did feel nice.

The palette is made out of a hard black plastic, also smooth to the touch.  The issue that I have with this palette, is that it shows off fingerprints. If you have product, or oil, or anything at all on your finger tips, it will transfer onto the surface of this palette, making it look dirty. Just from taking it out of the box to photograph, it had oil transfer! Not a good look.

The inside of the palette has a clear plastic divider, keeping shadows in their respective places. The reason I chose this palette over the others, is that I can use both sides to store shadows.

The palette itself is magnetized, perfect for MAC shadows and other shadows like MORPHE, but not so great for shadows that you depotted from other palettes. I had to buy a strip of magnet from Walmart, but that itself didn't put me back much, and I still have most of it, since you don't need a lot for the eyeshadow pans.

I stored the shadows that I depotted from the ELF 36 pan pallete, my ELF beauty books, my Profusion palette, my eyeshadow set from Emma, and my ELF Eyeshadow single (already magnetized).

It holds a lot, but as you can see there is some big gaps between the small pans and the large pans from ELF. It's not a huge deal, but I can see myself having issues in the future because of this empty space.

I really do like this palette! I got it for 8 dollars and some change with free shipping since I don't live close to one of their stores or counters. It arrived within a week, and the quality is fantastic for an 8 dollar product. I definitely see myself buying another one when I fill this one up, since it's so easy for me to store eyeshadows in.

Thanks for reading!

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