Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Hello again readers!

I thought I'd post an outfit I wore a while back. I've been really... underwhelming when it comes to my fashion choices. I make good makeup choices, but my fashion usually consists of jeans, a t-shirt, and some kind of canvas shoe... Not really something I'd call fashionable, and it is really boring and repetitive.

This was a while ago, but I do remember it was on a Friday. I wanted to wear something really comfortable since I only had the one class, and I wanted to be able to just kick my shoes off and laze around in bed after I got back.

I wore my favorite Hale hoodie (go Derek!) that I bought online, a pair of yoga capris I bought from Rue 21, and my Zoo York canvas shoes. I really liked how simple the look was, and I still felt really cute.

 My hair was also a complete wreck, so I wore my cyan wig as well. I finally got around to cutting the fringe so it's not in my eyes, but now it sort of looks a bit like Coconut Head... luckily I can change the look by brushing the hair around a bit to fall differently. My next step is to add in some extra layers.

That same day I had to go drop my car off at the shop, and dad made me take my wig off. I'm sure if my hair was longer, I wouldn't mind crazy colored eyebrows, but since my hair is so short, they're incredibly noticeable. I looked rather silly, but since I was going to put my wig right back on it wasn't worth it to remove them.

I need to start drawing them on like this again, they've gotten a little crazy.

Thanks for reading!

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