Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Season Haul

Hello again readers!

Another Halloween season came and went. What a shame. In better news, the weather was still fantastic, and it felt like Halloween - cold, spooky, dark, a bit cloudy, and a bit like a slasher was going to hop right out of the bushes.

One of my favorite parts, aside from getting all creepy, is the after Halloween sales that go on! So many things to scoop right up! 

Got a new rug! I showed this pic with my foot in it, so you can see how big it is. What a steal for 7 bucks! It's really soft too, and I'm sure it's for the bathroom, but I put it in my bedroom instead.

Always adore the throw pillows they have. This year was skeleton hands on one side, grey on the other. It's rather large, and makes for a great head-rest.

I haven't seen a throw blanket before for Halloween, but I picked this one right up. It's just a repetitive spider web pattern. The blanket is so soft and warm. Cold cabin in the woods approved.

Picked up these socks for less than a dollar, and was a little sad to see that the skulls weren't printed on both sides... Oh well. 

It's rather silly, I don't really need two, but I have two anyway. These bangles are just metal that looks like spider webs. A bit big for my teeny wrists, but still wearable.

How gawdy is this necklace? It hangs down and spreads pretty far, touching both of my clavicles. It's really odd-looking, and I adore it. Not sure which top to wear it with though.

My guilty pleasure, Jack. This hat wasn't on clearance, but it was the last one! It has the inverse knit Jack on one side, and you turn it inside-out for the classic Jack look with fleece. I'm partial to the inverse color of the white on black, but that's just me.

It's not Halloween without new creepy pajama bottoms! These were only about 2 dollars, and they're just cotton, but they're so nice.  I really enjoy the print on them, it makes me smile and reminds me of my friend Amanda. 

This last bit is something my mother got for me. Night Potion. How cool is that? It's a candle in a solid-black mason jar, and it's a HUGE candle. Goodness, I could have it burning for a while and barely make a dent! It smells like everything that you'd think fall would be; spicy, a little sweet, and keeps you coming back for more. I enjoy it, and I am particular with candles.

Thanks for reading!

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