Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ELF Halloween Cosmetics

Hello again readers!

There are still so many after-Halloween goodies just waiting out there, and I have a few here to show you that I scooped up during the sales. All from ELF, of course.

Essential Nail Polish - Red

The packaging is the same as the other essential polishes, but the difference is that it's decorated for Halloween. The cap has a spiderweb design on it. Honestly, I did buy it for that feature alone (and on sale it was pennies) so I can't complain.

Red is a basic red creme, you can never have to many in your collection. The polish smells like how I know ELF polishes to be - heavy scented. Smells a bit like spray paint, but I'm very happy with the application. It took two coats to be fully opaque. I'll have better swatches up in the future.

Glitter Mascara - Black

I've never tried any of their Glitter Mascaras before, but since it was so cheap and looked great in the tube, I thought why not?

I really hate everything but how it looks, however. As a mascara, it's terrible. It just clumps my lashes together. you can't even see the iridescent glitter on the lashes, so it's not worth it. As a liner, it's better, but I still have to put it over an existing black (see bottom swatch) eyeliner to get it pigmented enough. With that extra step, I am better off just layering the next product to get a similar effect.

 Liquid Eyeliner - Stardust

I am a fan of their liquid eyeliners, even if they don't last the longest on me. They go on just so easily, that I can't help but love them. The tube is nothing special, a clear base with a shiny black plastic handle. Easy to hold in your hand while applying. The applicator for this is a brush applicator, which is my favourite applicator for liquid eyeliners. Plus, at a dollar (or cheaper if you find them on sale) a piece is super sweet, so you can get a variety.

Stardust is an iridescent glitter in a pale pink base. The color of the base of this product doesn't affect how it looks if you layer it. The issue I have with this one, is it is so much base, that the glitter is sparse. This possibly could be built up, but i can see it crumbling if it's applied too thick. It works best layered over another eyeliner.

Essential Lipstick - Red and Pink

The classic essential lipstick, packaged for Halloween. Generally, these are packaged in a silver base with a silver cap, but this time around they're in a clear cap with a black base.

I have to say, for Red, the cap just doesn't work. It falls off incredibly easily, and it is not safe to store anywhere but upright unless it's taped shut.

 Red is a cool-toned red. I found it to be a bit patchy to apply, but the product itself feels creamy.

Pink is a bright pink, and swatching it on my arm gave me no issues. The product also feels creamy.

Red is so creamy that it doesn't want to stay anywhere. I found it difficult to apply, and within seconds it faded from the inside of my lips, but not the edges. It moves around too easily, and will feather through the day.

On the arm, I love pink, on the lips, less so. The color likes to settle in the lines of my lips, and though I can apply more to avoid that, it just settles in like a magnet. It also feathers easily as well.

I don't know, this just didn't hit the mark for me. I don't see myself wearing either.

Duo Eyeshadow - Glitter

I picked this one out of the two duos offered (there was also a violet and green duo) because I would get more wear out of it.

Glitter is a pink shimmer on top of a brass shadow. The shadows feel really smooth, but I also see a lot of fallout when I use it.

 The product goes on beautifully. Easy to swatch, easy to use. Since they're so soft, they blend easily, so any eyeshadow look I make goes on great. I like using the pink in my inner part of my eye, and then the brass on the outer v and blending them together. Great look.

 Vampire Beauty Book

I was only going to get one book this year, but since it ended up being 70 percent off when I found this, I thought why not and bought this one too.

In these Halloween kits, you get a pair of false eyelashes, 8 eyeshadows, a dual sided sponge applicator, a black eyeliner, and a lipgloss.

It's not listed, but I'm pretty sure that these are a pair of natural lashes. I have a love hate with these eyelashes, because the band is so thin that it doesn't feel like I'm wearing falsies, as well as I like the look of these lashes, but the band is so thin it's hard to keep them maintained for a while.

For the shadows, they're not really what I think when I hear 'vampire'. They're a mix of warm and cool shadows, that look more like an example of a fall color palette than representation for vampires.

Fortunately, they're all shimmers, which I find work better than mattes for ELF shadows.

In the top row, you get a white, a brass, a copper, and a violet shimmer in a brown-toned base. I can see myself getting use out of the violet and the brass, but not so much the others.

On the bottom row, you get a gorgeous dark olive green, an almost orange brass shade, a cool toned grey, and a blackened slate shade. 

The eyeliner... I wish they would stop including it into these beauty books. They're too hard and rough to use around the eye, and the color payoff is just awful. It'd be better to just put in a primer, or another lipgloss, or something other than this. It just doesn't work.

The lipgloss is such an odd shade to include with a Vampire look book. It's a bright warm toned pink, that's not quite red. When I think Vampire, I think blood, and deep red/wine shades, not something that's a look away from being a pink.

The lip gloss is almost a jelly look, and this is a lip gloss that would work better layered over another lipstick. I can find ways to make this work, bu tit's not my favorite.

 Wicked Beauty Book

This is the only beauty book I really wanted, and the day after Halloween I snatched it up so I wouldn't miss out, it was just too good!

In these Halloween kits, you get a pair of false eyelashes, 8 eyeshadows, a dual sided sponge applicator, a black eyeliner, and a lipgloss.

 You get the same pair of natural lashes in this kit, as you do in the Vampire kit.

Similar to the Vampire book, you get 8 shimmer shadows, a mix of warm and cool tones to suit everyone.

I like the color options in the palette best. It's not too out there, but it's not neutrals either. It's a good mix of safe and a little crazy.

In the top row, you get an eggshell yellow, an orange-toned brass, a violet, and a copper.

In the bottom row, you get a green, a silver, a blackened slate, and a black shimmer.

The eyeliner, see above.

But this lipgloss. Can you believe it? A black lipgloss! 

It's pretty pigmented, but worn alone is just sort of a disaster. It settles into the lines of your lips, and just doesn't want to stay put. I'm sure with multiple layers, or a really thick layer you can get this to be opaque, but I'd prefer to just layer it over a black lipstick instead.

Did you pick any of the beauty books out?

Thanks for reading!

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