Friday, June 19, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Basics 1 Palette

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Never went through my drafts, and found this gem! I'm working on organizing some more Indie posts, as well as some recent hauls, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Naked Basics palette has been out for what seems like ages and ages now. I picked this up over a year ago, and I guess now is a better time as any to talk about it.

To start off, the palette retails for $27. The palette itself is really amazing. It has that soft plastic coating on it, that feels smooth and soft to the touch. Sort of a bit like a rubberized plastic. I feel that it makes it a little luxurious, but I can also see it collecting such things such as powder or dust. I haven't had this happen to mine, because I keep mine in the same spot all of the time and reach for it regularly, but the threat is there.

Each of the Naked Basics palettes contains 6 matte eyeshadows. I kept thinking I was going to go around and get the Naked Basics 2, but to be honest, I prefer warmer tones for my eyes, because they make the blue in them pop!

Then again, I might be picking it up anyway in the future for another reason entirely...

The only non-matte shade in the palette. A frosty white, that I barely reach for to be honest. I'd prefer it if it was a matte white instead. I don't use it for under my brow bone, and I barely use any for my inner corner, and often I just skip that step entirely. When i use up most of the other shadows, I know this one will be thrown away with it.

A soft off-white yellow cream shade. I don't find myself reaching for this very often, and even though it's warm, I don't really enjoy it. I almost never use this on my eyes.

A matte nude shadow. This one is one of my favorites, and looks fantastic as my wash of color for all over my lid. I also love it for brightening up under the brow bone, and I can get a really great look that makes me appear to be awake with ease.

My favorite shade and the only reason I will be sad when this palette is gone. It is the most perfect transition/crease shade, and I cant' get enough of it. It's a mid-tone neutral brown that just fits so easily in my routine. I use it on my lazy days paired with W.O.S. to just darken up the crease area and go on my merry way. The downside to this, is that this shadow has the most fallout out of the entire palette, which breaks my heart because it's the one I use the most.

A warm brown. I use this to darken up my crease, and add a more defined look. It applies well, blends well, and I really enjoy it. It's not the most unique shadow out there, but it's a really great formula.

Now at first glance this appears black, but I can assure you it's not. It's a blackened brown, that i only use for the outter v of my eyes to really add impact to my look. This is the patchiest color out of the entire palette, and one of the hardest to work with. To get an opaque look, I have to continuously layer it over and over until it builds up enough coverage. Just a little annoying, but for the outter-v I don't need it to be fully opaque.

This is the palette that I would highly suggest really looking at, and maybe swatching on yourself before buying. I love 2/3 of the palette, but the other 1/3 is practically unusable.

I only find myself using four of these shadows; W.O.S., Naked2, Faint, and Crave. I can get a put-together look using just those shades, and I neglect Foxy and Venus almost entirely, with a couple of uses early on in the life of this palette.

If you're in the market for a collection of matte shadows to add to your collection, or if you're interested in having them easily accessible for traveling, then this is a perfect palette for that. Easy to use, great pigmentation, and great to have on hand.

However, if it's not the case, whether you're not fond of mattes, you have too many in your collection, or you don't find yourself travelling, it might be a good idea to skip over it.

Thanks for reading!

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