Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Coastal Scents Haul

Hello again readers!

I have some goodies from Coastal Scents that I thought I'd share! I was wanting a couple of the palettes, and I couldn't resist getting a few eye shadow singles either.

The Coastal Scents Shadow Pots retail for $1.95 a piece. Of course, there are  often times where you can get them for a dollar a piece, which makes buffing up your collection or a palette quite easy. I picked up Reef Blue, Niagara, and Deep Grape.

They do not have magnet attachments to them (and if they do, they are incredibly weak!), so to put them into my MAC palette, I had to add magnets to the back of them.

Reef Blue:
An aqua blue matte. The shade is pretty sheer, and I would need a white base to really make it pop, but I've always wanted an aqua blue shadow. A little chalky.

A teal with a gold shift. This one is really pigmented, and easy to use. The shimmers I found to be more pigmented, as is the case with a lot of shadows.

Deep Grape:
A matte violet. This one was patchy and also chalky, so I would need a good base to make this work.

I also picked up both the Revealed, and the Revealed 2 palettes. They retail for $20 bucks a piece, but I snagged them each for $10 during one of their sales around Christmas time. Each palette contains 20 shadows, all of them unnamed. I'm sure you can find dupes among their hot-pots, but they don't really help you with that. It's frustrating, especially if you love a color and want to get a backup, and you have to track it down yourself.

The Revealed palette is like if the Urban Decay Naked, and Naked 2 palettes had a baby.

A nice mixture of neutrals, with both warm and cool tones. There are 15 shimmers, and 5 mattes.

Eyeshadows 1-5
1: Matte yellow toned nude shadow
2: Beige shimmer
3: Rose Gold Shimmer
4: Camel Brown Matte
5: Brown-Taupe Matte

Eyeshadows 6-10
6: Brown Shimmer
7: Matte Light-Brown
8: Warm Gold Shimmer
9: Brown Shimmer
10: Silver-Taupe Shimmer

Eyeshadows 11-15
11: Copper Shimmer
12: Brown Shimmer
13: Taupe Shimmer
14: Khaki-Brown Shimmer
15: Rose/Brown Shimmer

Eyeshadows 16-20
16: Brown Taupe Shimmer
17: Copper Shimmer
18: Deep Brown Shimmer
19: Gunmetal Grey Shimmer
20: Matte Black

The Revealed 2 Palette has dupes for the Naked 3 Palette. 

This palette is more warm-toned than the first, with a focus on warm browns, nudes, and pinks.
Eyeshadows 1-5
1: Nude Satin
2: Matte Beige
3: Peach Gold Shimmer
4: Dusty Pink Shimmer (dusty with a TON of fallout!!)
5: Rose Shimmer

Eyeshadows 6-10
6: Brown Blush Matte
7: Pale Gold Shimmer
8: Berry Shimmer
9: Warm Copper Shimmer
10: Light Bronze Shimmer

Eyeshadows 11-15
11: Mauve-Brown Matte
12: Brown Shimmer
13: Red-Brown Matte
14: Cool-Brown Shimmer
15: Brown-Rose Shimmer

Eyeshadows 16-20
16: Taupe Brown Shimmer
17: Matte Berry
18: Matte Brown
19: Cool Brown with Red Shimmer
20: Satin Black

The shimmers were easy to work with, but the mattes I needed to really work with to get them to show their full potential. Being cheap, it wasn't a big deal for me, but it is a hassle. 

I like the shadows, but they're not the best quality to be completely honest. I wouldn't give them up, because I like using them, and they blend incredibly easy, but some of the shadows require some T.L.C., and it can be easily frustrated, especially if you like to do your makeup quickly and go.

Thanks for reading!

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