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Disney Villains Collection 2015

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Disney has struck again, with their launch of the Disney Villains collection for 2015. So many different products to choose from, featuring three of our favorite villainous ladies; Ursula, Grimhilde, and Maleficent!

The Shimmering Powder in Leviathan is a silver shimmer in a plastic container featuring Ursula. The lid is a basic, glossy plastic lid that closes properly, even though when I look at the packaging it looks like it's tilted off to the side slightly. The packaging is a bit cheap, but I don't blame it too  much because it does keep the shimmer from getting all over the place, which is a very good thing.

Under the lid, there's another lid, with grooves that press into the holes. This is perfect, especially for something with so much glitter, so it doesn't contaminate my highlighter drawer. It's firm, and if by a long shot the top lid was lost, I would have this to keep the product from leaving the jar.

 The shimmer is more like a glitter. It's a fine glitter, but it's still a glitter. It makes for a very dramatic highlight, if that's the route you take. i find this to be a very versatile product because I can use it on my cheeks, or on my body for a really over-the-top glow, but if you're one for subtlety this is not the product for you.

The Shimmering Powder in Leviathan retails for $3.49.


The Grimhilde Jealous Blush instantly fell right into my heart. It's a nice peachy-pink shade with slight gold shimmer.

The texture of the blush was smooth, and running my finger over the product I was really happy with the feel of the powder. It wasn't chalky at all, and pigment was easily picked up. It does have a bit of fallout (most powder products do), and with how soft this product is, I do notice a fair bit of fallout when picked up with a brush.

The gold shimmer in the product, wasn't something too noticeable. Unless I was really looking closely at my face, it didn't jump out at me. It wasn't subtle, not by any means, but it wasn't glaringly obvious I was wearing a blusher with flecks of shimmer either. I really enjoy this blusher, as it looks really natural on the face.

The Jealous Blush retails for $3.49.


The Spellbound Sculpting Palette I will admit I picked up, only because it had Maleficent on it. I couldn't help myself! It has a highlighting shade, a sculpting shade, and a bright blusher shade. I wasn't really overwhelmed with the color selection.

The texture of this palette is similar to the blusher, with the powders feeling very soft to the touch and easy to blend out.

The highlight isn't too bright, or too shimmery either. It has a bit of a peach tone to it. The glow it gives is pretty natural, and as long as I blend it nicely I don't notice that it doesn't blend int the skin. It's not too noticeable.

The bronzer is really warm. It's not the best to contour with, but it's not the worst either. I have others that I prefer over this one, but it'll do in a pinch.

The blusher I expected to hate, because it's just such a crazy fuchsia shade. Though, on the cheeks it blends out to look a little better than the swatch, it definitely doesn't natural, but it doesn't look bad either.

I wasn't too excited about this once I used it, and wish I didn't buy it, no matter how much I like Maleficent.

The Spellbound Sculpting Palette retails for $3.49.


The Maleficent Dragon's Lair matte lipstick is a gorgeous brown-red. I love this shade, as it looks a bit like dried blood, and it applies rather well on the lips. The biggest grip I have is that the scent of this is rather plastic-like, and it's not that appealing.

The lipstick retails for $3.49.


Out of all three beauty books, this is the only one I wanted, and the only one I knew I'd get any use out of it. The book looks beautiful, inside and out, and I just couldn't resist adding it to my collection.

The inside includes 9 eyeshadows, a blusher, an eyeliner, an eyeshadow brush, a lipstick, and an eyeshadow primer. The primer was okay, sort of reminded me of the ELF Essential primer. Not too overwhelming, since I have better primers.

Diablo Eyeliner:
This eyeliner is just a basic black liner. It dries with a satin finish, isn't waterproof, and won't last on me at all.

Revenge Lipstick:
I really would have rather had another blusher shade, instead of this. It's a bright berry shade with a lot of glitter in it. It has that issue where I can feel all of the glitter on the lips and it's very uncomfortable to wear.

Evil Enchantress Blusher:
A very natural, neutral peach shade. Looks very nice on the face without being too overwhelming.

A very light lilac violet.

Blackened Violet. Not very fitting for the name.

Blackened green with sparse glitter.

Light lavender violet.

Blue-violet. This doesn't go with 'flame' at all, what a terrible name for this shadow. I mean, if it was a green shadow, I could see it more, since her magic flames /are/ green, or even a yellow-green. Pretty shade, terrible name.

A blackened blue with just a bit of violet in it.

A light, off-white green shade. Really such a pretty shade for highlighting under the brow-bone or the inner corner. Very fitting for her skin tone.

A nice mid-tone green. Really loved the pigmentation on this shade, it was such a pleasure to work with.

A more vivid version of what I expected Spellbound to be with. It's like Spellbound is the watered-down, duller version of Bramble.
The beauty book's shadows are pretty sheer, better to be used with a nice base. I love the color palette, but not so impressed with the pigmentation.

The Maleficent Beauty Book retails for $9.99.


The Maleficent Contour Brush Set features three brushes: Angled Buff Brush, Stippling Brush, and Concealer Brush. The set retailed for $10.

All of the brushes come with Maleficent's Dragon form embossed on the side, black bristles that lead into a beautiful berry violet at the ends. The color theme of these instantly grabbed my attention.

The angled buff brush was designed to go over the work of the stippling brush, but I use this as just a regular angled brush. It seemed really ridiculous to use two brushes, just for contouring. I tried it that way, and just... wasn't that impressed.

I tried this out by using just this brush to apply contour powder, and I loved it! Very easy to apply, blended out, and looked so nice. Both natural, but sculpted at the same time. A happy medium.

The Stippling Brush says to use it as a contouring brush, but seeing as I generally use powders, I hate it for that. Even with contour/bronzing cream products I don't like it all that much.

I tried it for foundations, and while it works, it takes forever since it's so small. I tried it also for cream blushes, and the same issue. It's too small for any of those things, and while it looks really nice, and flawless, it's just too much work.

The best use I found for this brush, is to gently blend in concealer. It's fantastic for that! Really nice and easy to use and doesn't buff away the coverage.

The Concealer Brush I don't really use for concealer, unless it's to fix my eye wings. I use this to pat on eyeshadow instead. Versatile brushes!

The largest gripe I have about these brushes, is that the glue that holds them into the packaging, is almost too good. It's so incredibly sticky, and I still haven't gotten all of the glue off the bottom of these brushes. Also, the base of these brushes are rather lack-luster. There's nothing amazing about them, they just get cut off. What a shame.

I love that they're Maleficent themed brushes, focusing heavily on contouring, but I don't think these are a need to have in your collection.

The brush set retails for $9.99.


Really I'm happy with my purchases, and I really like playing around with them. Will I go back and buy more? Maybe. Maybe not. It really depends. If they go on sale, I'll probably pick up the other brush sets, maybe the lip set, but I'm not completely sure.

Thanks for reading!

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