Friday, November 13, 2015

October Favorites

Hello again readers!

Well I'm way late to post this up. I'd feel worse about it, but... I don't. I spent the last bit of October basically living, breathing, and screaming work. It doesn't seem like it'd be so exhausting, but it is. I don't know how most of my coworkers managed to handle it, and their other jobs, their schooling, and sleeping. I barely remembered to eat most of the time...

Anyway, since I was working through October I really didn't wear a lot of makeup the rest of the time. I think through the entire month I only wore a full-face about a handful of times. Oh well!

Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil for Dry Skin:
I want to try other oil cleansers, but this is the one I have right now. I love this for super easy makeup removal. Just pump some into the palm, slap that on your face, rub it in, and your makeup practically melts off. It helps with even the most waterproof product, and even fake blood and loosens liquid latex! This product was the MVP for making quick work of getting my face clean.

Isopropyl Myristate:
This is a super strange product to feature, but I love it. This gets under the latex, and lifts it off the skin without irritation. I was really skeptical, because body oil does the same thing, but this is thinner, and doesn't leave such a gross residue as body oil. Do you need it? No, of course not, but this is my favorites list, and I loved it!

Colourpop Ultra Matte - Clueless:
I definitely thought like, Kapow or even Beeper would have been a favorite this month, but it was Clueless that took hold of my affections. It's easy to apply, and looks a little more natural than having a grey-toned lipstick on. If I was going on errands (mostly to the bank for depositing my paychecks) I would just pop this onto my lips, and I wouldn't have to worry about it at all until I went to take it off later in the day.

ELF Hydrating Undereye Primer:
With this job, the fog machines were NOT my friends. I don't want to say it dried out my skin, but well, it did. Dried out my lungs too and just made me super thirsty and irritated my throat. Regardless, for being as oily as I am I needed a little extra boost, so since I forget to use eye moisturizer most of the time, this was a really easy fix since I could put it on before applying my prosthetic pieces onto my face, and it'd have time to soak in before I put on the rest of my makeup. It worked well, and kept the makeup I had under my eyes stay on too, which was a plus!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Transylvania:
Like I've said before, this product sucks! The silver lining, is that it's perfect for a "corpse" effect on the lips. Which, was perfect for creepy dolls too, who would have thought it? It lasted quite a long time on my lips, since I only put them right in the middle, and even after multiple hours of screaming (and I should admit a bit of drooling...) it was still there, even if it was balled up. It still counts, and it was my go-to lip product for work, aside for lip balm.

Tarte Tarteist Clay Paint Liner - Black:
I hate that I love this product, since it's about 25 dollars, but sacrifices must be made. I thought this was such a fantastic liner. It went on like a dream, it was pigmented, it lasted through the abuse of a Haunt, and it is such a good matte liner. Made my work of drawing on my eye shape for my makeup easier, and cut my time of drawing on eyeliner in half! If this keeps up, it's going to be a staple in my collection.

Softlips Lip Balm - Vanilla:
I don't like the menthol in this product, but this is such a good lip balm. It's sweet, helps keep my lips hydrated, and has a pleasant tingling feeling. I used this when I was trying out all of my new liquid lipsticks, and it kept my lips from getting irritated. Really a great product, and so cheap!

ELF Acne Fighting Foundation - Porcelain:
This is definitely not my shade whatsoever, but with the different atmosphere, the stress, as well as my hormones raising hell (how fitting), I had a large amount of face demons that came to a head as of late. It's unfortunate, but it happens! This helps keeps new arrivals from getting worse, and helps clear up existing acne too. It has good coverage, and feels so nice on the skin. I'm waiting on a (hopefully) better color match to arrive in the mail, but for now I'll be using this shade.

Manic Panic Dream Tone Foundation:
I used to use Stargazer's white foundation, but I like this so much better. I don't need as much to mix into my foundation, and it mixes better too. Plus, it has a pump! What's not to love?

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter - Opal:
I bought the duo set, and couldn't put it down. Whenever I would put on a face of makeup, I'd reach for this. It didn't matter if it was a "no makeup" makeup look, I'd make it dewy look just because I could. Really I found excused to wear this because of how much I really enjoy it.

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Tough as Taupe:
Not even a surprise to see this pop up again. It was the eyebrow product I reached for the most, used for both my regular makeup, and my costume makeup too. It was great because I could put this on first, and cover it with a layer of my white foundation to sort of make them a little less intense and it worked for how I wanted to look. I was really pleased with how versatile I could make this work for me.

NYX Nude Matte Eyeshadow - Skinny Dip:
Haven't featured this since last December, but this has been my most-used shadow this month! I used it for my eye makeup, as well as to darken up my gashes on the sides of my mouth for my costume. I was really pleased with how it added a darkness to my makeup that really punched up the contrast when it came time to be placed in my scene. Who would have thought that it'd be so great for special effects?


Thanks for reading!

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