Thursday, July 3, 2014

NYX Extreme Shine Lip Cream - Absolute Red

Hello again readers!

With the obsession I have with the NYX butter glosses (and the fondness for their lipsticks) I thought I would push my horizons out and start buying a few of their other lip products to give it a try.

NYX Extreme Shine Lip Cream in Absolute Red

This was bought back during my red-lippy obsession, and if it wasn't red, I wasn't that interested in it. Of course, that love has died down, but I still love a good red lip product.

Absolute Red is a wonderful, flattering blue-toned red that suits my skin really well, and has the added benefit of making my teeth look slightly whiter.

The application is creamy, but you have to work with it a little bit. Since it's such a pigmented red, if you mess up, it's really noticeable! It's so slick, that I don't feel comfortable applying this without the use of a lip-lock pencil or a lip liner. Also, since the formula is so slick, it moves around a little bit, so it takes a little effort to get the application fully flawless (but not too much work!).

This gloss is decently long wearing, as (if I didn't drink/eat anything) I can get a few hours wear out of it. I was in love with how shiny it was, and even when it started to fade, the colour was still strong.

I don't get much use out of this, since my interests have shifted to wearing nudes, but for only 6 dollars they're affordable, shiny lip colours that are worth trying.

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