Thursday, January 8, 2015

DarlingGirl Cosmetics Haul

Hello again readers!

DarlingGirl Cosmetics was another indie brand that I was really excited to try out. The service was surprisingly fast, even with all of the backlogs. They are very good at keeping their customers up to date with how long it will take their orders to process, so there isn't any disappointment when it takes a while. I expected it (due to those backlogs) for this to take a month, and once it processed it was in my mailbox within a week!  

The envelope that arrived in my mailbox was a bright pink bubble mailer. Definitely noticeable and without even checking the recipient of the mail I knew what it was. Sets is apart from the rest.

Inside there were two smaller packages, which surprised me, because I only ordered 5 baggie samples, and one jar sample, so I didn't see a need for two bags at all.

In the one bag, I got the five baggie samples I ordered: Yes, Virginia!, Angel Face, The Magic Lamp, Corpse Candle, and It Girl. And the jar sample I got was Greyicious Lilac.

Left to Right: Yes, Virginia!, Angel Face, The Magic Lamp, Corpse Candle, It Girl.

Yes, Virginia!:
Very light lavender. On the site, it looked more pink, but on my skin it definitely leans more blue, I really liked this one, but it is definitely an ashy color. If not applied properly, it just looks like a mess. The soft focus blushers have a sheen to them, so it catches the light well. It was great to try out, but it just isn't for me.

Angel Face: 
I think this may be discontinued, boo. :( It's what I'd consider a warm violet, with lots of silver shimmer. I didn't think I'd like it, because as much as I'd like to, I'm not a fan of a lot of glitter in my blushers, but I really enjoyed this one. It's a step into over-the-top, but it also blends out and looks great on the skin. I'm sad that I can't find it on the site, because I'd consider buying this one full-sized. :(

The Magic Lamp:
On the site, it says 'reddish undertones', but this one is just a cool, mid-tone violet on me. This is a lot like Yes, Virginia!, in the way that if you don't blend it out just right, it looks blotchy and catches unwanted attention. I like how this one is darker though, because it doesn't look as ashy, and I can get the look I'm aiming for without having to build up too much pigment onto the skin. I don't think I'd buy this one in full-size, but I might consider buying it again if I can use my sample up. I'm still on the fence if I really want to invest in violet blushers.

Corpse Candle:
This Spectral Shift is one that instantly caught my eye.  Corpse Candle is a silvery grey that catches the light in a violet sheen, and then has iridescent glitter mixed in. I wasn't sure if I'd like this, but I really dig it as a highlight. I was surprised that the grey tone of the powder didn't make me look extra ashy (it may on darker skin tones!!). It was a surprising love for me, and another product that I want to get my hands on a bigger size for sure.

It Girl:
This one is a for-sure getting a bigger size too in the future. I just love it. It girl is a cool plum, and it's basically matte. Any glitter in the powder is so sparse, that it doesn't take too much attention, and it goes on so smooth. It's a little cooler than I thought it'd be, but I really love how it looks on the skin. Best of both worlds, perhaps.

Greyicious Lilac stole my heart, and is going to be replaced with a full size. It's a grey-taupe with a bit of plum in it, so it leans really cool. This powder is perfect for me to use as a contour. It looks more violet on the skin, but it reads as shadows on my face. It ran away with my heart, and took a spot firmly in place as one of my favorite contouring products ever.

In the other baggie, were little surprises. A business card, a sticker, and two little samples! I was really surprised, because I got one plastic container of an eyeshadow, and the other was in a baggie, and I was really excited to give these a try.

Poseidon's Wrath:
Poseidon's Wrath is a moss-green, copper-shimmer, that's just... it's really pretty. It's not a color I would have picked for myself, but it's surprisingly wearable. I can't find it for the life of me, and I'm wondering if it was a modge-podge of different mixes that were too small to give out as samples, or didn't work out, mixed together. I wouldn't need to buy another one, because this isn't a color that I reach for often (damn those neutrals!) but I would have wanted to suggest it, because this is rather unique and pretty, and something that is great to have in a collection.

A tan eyeshadow that leans peach. I can never have enough neutral eyeshadows to use, especially if they're brightening. I'm going to be using this up pretty quickly, but I know I won't repurchase it. If I have an option between warm tones, or cool, I usually go cool.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm dying from the sheer amazingness that is your nails in your profile pic. Which Sinful Colours is that?

    1. Savage by Sinful colors! It dries matte, but I like wearing a top coat over it to make it shine. :)

    2. OMG THAT'S the infamous Savage?? I've passed it by countless times! I'm getting it next time I see it. Thanks!

    3. It's definitely worth your investment. Even if you don't like it matte, it looks great with a top coat. :)