Monday, January 12, 2015

Mac Blue Brown Pigment

Hello again readers!

Well, I start uni again tomorrow, and I'm dreading it, but it's the last semester I have to do! So that's really amazing.

I thought I'd bring up a post that I wanted to post ever since I got the pigment in. The Mac Blue Brown pigment has been on my wishlist for ages and ages, since I first got into makeup, and for the longest time, it seemed like an unreachable goal. Fortunately, it wasn't unreachable at all!

I picked up the 'To-Go' size, as it's in fact a better value than the full-size product. A 'To-Go' pigment is .09 oz for $10, while the full-size is .15 oz for $21. So if you bought two of the 'Sized to Go' pigments, you'd get .18, which is an extra .03 oz for CHEAPER. What a deal, right? Plus, they're super travel-friendly.

The downside is that not all of the pigments have Sized to Go sizes (there's only 8!), so don't be disappointed if they don't have your favorite pigment in the travel section.

The opening is small, smaller than the full-sized pigments (I'm assuming, since the packaging for the full-sized pigments are also bigger), so you can't dip a large brush in, but a shadow brush to pack the pigment on will dip in no problem.

I tried it in the way that I'd shake some of the pigment out onto a piece of paper, and then whatever excess was left over I'd fold the paper so I wouldn't waste pigment, but I find just dipping my brush is easier and there is less of a mess.

I've used this as an eyeshadow, and an eyeliner (I also have a nail polish and a gloss in this color, but from different brands, so maybe I'll do a duo-chrome post in the future because it's my favorite) and haven't tried it as say, a blush or something, though I want to. The cool thing about this pigment, is you can apply it subtly, or pack it on for a really cool look.

The pigment is everything I ever dreamed up, and more. It's a warm red-brown base with a beautiful blue shimmer when the pigment hits the light. It goes on so well, even without a primer. Though, if I don't wear a primer, it'll crease like crazy (not a bad look, but I'm not always down for the grunge look) and it's noticeable because of the duo-chrome finish.

And for so long, I've been using the definer shade from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, which is said to be a dupe for MAC Blue Brown pigment.

Is it a dupe? Mostly, yes! If you love the color, you'll get it with the Comfort Zone palette.

The biggest differrence (which I use to defend myself when I collect all the blue-brown duo-chromes I can get my hands on) is that the finish is different. Comfort Zone is a more subdued illumination, but it picks up more light in it's subtlety. MAC's pigment is crazy intense and picks up light in one spot enough to draw your eye to it, but then fades off towards the sides.

Both are worth having in your collection in my opinion, and I'm really glad to have bought this pigment because it's just flawless.

Thanks for reading!

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